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  1. Hi, what is the point of daggers , especially with the removal of covert lethality in the new rework, daggers are not even endgame viable especially with normal mods compared to more viable options like a dokhram zaw or even plauge kripath zaws, they do not have the wave clear of the previous mentions zaw or even in the "spin to win" meta. This is just me asking a question, as i really like daggers especially with the stinging thorn+covert lethality combo to take down heavy targets like nox or heavy gunners and i love the skin from the nezha package, daggers have never really been "meta" as they were really only useful in taking down a single target and i also saw a thread talking about something like condition overload balancing which furthers makes dagger even weaker as a melee class & they barely have anything useful effects (maybe the rakta is useful). So in conclusion, will there be a rebalancing to make daggers more viable(since there is damage rebalancing) or even give daggers the ability to be more useful or will it completely be phased out due the "assassin creed blade" coming in the new patch? Thanks for taking your time in reading this, hopefully something will be pointed out to enlighten the current situation on daggers. 😄 28ryl
  2. Hi, I seem to have the foundry being bugged out on completed items, where the percentage will go into negative causing the time to increase as well. I have gone through some steps to resolve this issue; relogging(doesnt work), verify cache(doesnt work either), claiming the items via mobile app(works) I have also been able to recreate the bug multiple times; it seems to occur if u start crafting and item on the foundry & leave the ship to do mission etc. it will bugged out when u get back, however if u just stand over the foundry as the thing is being crafted, it will be completed without issue. The same also occurs if u start crafting an item via the app & go ingame to claim it, it will be bugged out. Thanks for reading, hope this issue will be resolved soon.
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