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  1. Those mods/arcanes... (hard pass in general, but more specifically) in rotation with endo and sculptures?
  2. "Fixed a number of different Operator accessories excessively clipping with the Norg Mask and Mother's Mask when ‘Hood Opened” is selected." Have those even appeared in rotation yet?
  3. TIL you can edit your somachord playlist.😮
  4. They were talking about incubator stasis, lol.
  5. Is this intended? I want to get a loadout slot for each frame, but I don't want to spend more plat if it is just a bug that will get removed... 😞
  6. I would like to see the crane kick as seen below. (I don't believe the crane kick is a copyrighted move so you can use it!)
  7. That's no new warframe... that's a grown-up operator!! ...yeah probably not, but a guy can dream. (shrugs)
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