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  1. I am as many people are up for the limits nerf riven trading to freaking be garbage rivens are the most anoying thing ever imo seriosly spending so much money for a stupid mod in a game when cosmetics look way cooler and way more flexy then just a mod on a weapon. i SERIOSLY WANT TO SLAP SOMEONE SOMETIMES WHEN THEY BUY A RIVEN WORTH MORE THEN 300P
  2. I think it depends on the mission mostly arbitrations is hard to say thank you expecially when people decide to play with squishy frames for more challange and then get killed they are in the zone of no chill and completly focus on game if it is super low lvls then saying ty won´t hurt. Me i always say ty as i can write pretty fast on a keyboard. I mean this ain´t a big big deal i belive atleast not for me
  3. Hmm if this is posted in feedback do you think it will be added to the game or they will start working on it? Really really enjoy the idea still haven't read everything might take some hours lol but this idea is top tier.
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