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  1. Alt helmet looks great! Really appreciate DE's efforts on this one.
  2. (PS4)IIDangerJI

    unable to recover weapon from Drahk master

    I've also experienced this several times now since the fortuna update. Primary weapon will get taken and then just disappears. No indicator, just vanishes.
  3. (PS4)IIDangerJI

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    Mesa Prime looks brilliant, really can't wait to play her! I also agree that the accessories pack seems a bit lacking. I think had it also included a syandana or armor set it would be a more compelling purchase.
  4. (PS4)IIDangerJI

    Could only trade 1 plat, and now I can't trade any at all

    I believe you can only trade plat you purchase. Free plat from promos don't seem to count, at least from my experience.
  5. (PS4)IIDangerJI


    Can't wait for this! Anyone have any info on the size for this download?
  6. (PS4)IIDangerJI

    [CLAN] [PS4] [Soro Kuran] Clan for solo/PUG players

    Sorry about that, Its iiDangerji but capital i I'll send your psn a msg
  7. (PS4)IIDangerJI

    [CLAN] [PS4] [Soro Kuran] Clan for solo/PUG players

    Also interested in joining PSN: IIDangerJI
  8. (PS4)IIDangerJI

    Fastest Melee Weapon Animation

    Hey everyone, I'm a relatively new player (about 52hrs in) and wanted to know what melee weapon has the fastest take-down animations. I'm looking for something that works well with Inaros desiccation move