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  1. Or people who just farm and build it like normal
  2. They didn’t take away your plague star, they just aren’t replaying it this year because it ran already. Also if you want free forms that badly go farm like everyone else
  3. Yeah but warframe is a fast paced ninja game. Even the Necramech’s have a slower but similar pace. With the way the game has been for years: there is not way for people in a squad are gonna be coordinated enough to effectively use any vehicles that require that. Rail jack gets a pass because other people aren’t needed for the shop to function and people can go off and do their own thing. They aren’t constrained to one task. Not to mention a giant mech simply wouldn’t move smoothly enough to allow four people to efficiently fight, not to mention the coordination to use something like this just
  4. This just sound like a rip off of power rangers and a bad idea because no squad is that coordinated. Hence why all vehicles are single person. This is like halo say where the vehicles can be used effectively and efficiently regardless of the gunner and driver’s coordination as long as they aren’t sped.
  5. Thank you guys. I get having hard enemies but Deimos Jugulus was wack. It’s like one hit without some sort of invincibility/ iron skin esque ability and your free trial of life ends.
  6. I love how this dude is all tactical and then I’m over here just like: haha grineer go boom
  7. Hey there newbie welcome to rng. You will probably not enjoy your stay
  8. Well it’s thier game and they have 100% final day in what they do.
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