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  1. Looking at the earth in game I’m pretty sure all the continents have used fusion and become one large land mass Trees the true final boss of warframe and the sentients true enemy
  2. Nezha is also borderline Jesus and the blades would presumably act as a barrier and during one of the comic panels a saw her throw one like a glaive. Sea snares are perfect for protection and she would presumably use the k drive to get from place to place quickly or move a target quickly. And riptide is good for telling those pesky kidnappers to piss off. Also every warframe has been clapped by that one crackpot enemy unit at least once She was supposed to be the funny kid friendly frame that helps children and looks rad while doing it. Not to mention that grineer dude could have been stronk. I’ve been playing with yareli and I can say one big string grineer dude could easily clap her and anyone else provided the right circumstances. Also note all yareli had to defend her self was water and a bubble gun aka the kompressa
  3. 1: nobody fears the dad bod until they hear that shotgun @#&$ 2: “would you like a soul pop children? My stan- shadow can get a few.” 3: Garuda is great for children how else you expect them to learn how to make fillet and chop suet
  4. The normal warframes are like our version of a Chinese knock off of the original prime design. Problem with the Nero is that we don’t remember/know How to create prime items hence why we need to make them from old recovered blueprints. Umbra is actually a prime as in the Chinese build where he first came out he is referred to Excalibur umbra prime. Not to mention he’s his own class of warframe. Wrong, Gara was made into gara prime first as a reward for willing volunteering to become a warframe despite knowing the truth of the initiative then she killed the sentient. First came prime then came the cheap Tenno knockoffs Ding ding ding we have a winner
  5. Yeah but that’s just good planning, strategy and acting and making use of its own biological traits to create a new more subtle disease. Nothing on the technological and genius level needed to create an immortal foe. Especially since kuva and the void have already been taken, the only two things known to grant immortality
  6. Apparently the people who responded to my previous comment didn’t read it entirely and cherry picked out a hypothetical statement and didn’t read the part about rng being completely random and potentially never giving you what you want.
  7. Be patient. void storm bugs aren’t that important considering there are just normal void mission you can play yarelis quest is fine you can finish it in 2-3 hours max stop being lazy bad luck? Get good bro, pray to RNGesus that’s how it’s always worked ephermas can wait to be fixed ok? Holiness aren’t that important if you want the weapons you put in the time, I’ve seen people who’ve put in the work and gotten thier weapon already host migrations are as notorious as the Notorious B.I.G. For causing lichens and things to disappear or reset for years you don’t have to use galvanized mods and they aren’t that astonishing that it makes a difference to an already good loadout specters can’t use a lot of special weapons correctly especially if they have mechanics like those, they work exactly how I expected them to on specters
  8. Putting it in RH was most like a passive way for DE to say no without flat out rejecting it because you can still use it in normal tiles witching railjack mission but not in normal missions which coincides with the rules every other vehicle follows. And to add to that it also prevents warframes from just beating replaced with “hurr hurr OP exalted arch weapon” as the new gameplay style and deal with the ocean of complaints that come when they nerf it. I think they were a fun little addition and a cool thing to have as a side objective they were never meant to be a main stream item, they were meant to be a side vehicle to use in open world and railjack/special missions like arch wings and k-drives. Not to mention DE wanted to add another vehicle for the open world and work it Into the story so I say they did a good job so far.
  9. The infestation have never been smart enough to do something on the level of lunches and sisters which were created by people with above genius level intelligence and the most high end technology
  10. Did no one except the second quit guy read to the end of my comment? NOT GARUNTEED, RANDOM CHANCE FOR 20%
  11. Basically an over complicated version of what I just said
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