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  1. Shard looked down at Mira. “ so what is it you need, are you lost by chance?” He replies in a solo ant manner. After this is over he would need to go look in the mirror, he was tall enough to pass for a grineer lancer. Maybe he had something on his face?. There was no way someone should be able to mistake him for a rugrat.
  2. "Diamond, Shard Diamond" Who are you calling young man? shard thought to himself, again he being treated like a junior
  3. Shard jumped into the air at the sudden sound and comedically, hit his head on the ceiling. "hi there can I help you ma'am" He tried to sound polite but he had a feeling that he was being looked at the same way an adult looks at a child, usually the opposite of the normal reaction he gets.
  4. it may not be your first language but your poor command of English is very confusing and hard to decipher in large long texts
  5. they got the technology for it by building it through research, that's just common sense. Sorokin do have secrets but not about other beings, they are about the #*!%ed up S#&$ they do to other people. touche, but we also don't exactly know if he actually intentionally made them go insane as that could just be a side affect of unprotected void exposure. but he definitely has some sort of Aizen level scheme here. yea because it strengthens our connection to the void and indirectly him. Kuva predates the void. it literally says the cephalons are PEOPLE wh
  6. So this is what happens when you pay no attention to lore. Cy is a cephalon a human who was co vertex into a digital intelligence to forever serve. the man in the wall is as far as we have seen one dude who embodies the void who likes to mess with certain people. If he wanted to control the whole system I don’t think he would need to scheme to do it seeing as he appears to be some sore of omnipotent presence. The man in the wall makes no deals with anyone and kuva has 0 connection to the void as it existed before the void was discovered. Wally has no clear goal, he mes
  7. Shard marched down the hallways with the vigor of a grineer contingent preparing for an assault, for someone who hates sunlight, he spends an ironic amount of time in the sun wing. “Bored bored bored bored bored.” He complained soon his companion would arrive and there would be no more messing around publicly anymore for him.
  8. The only difference is those are abilities that are directly siphoning enemy health as a mechanic, and they don’t do high damage either, adding true damage onto weapons is OP and unbalanced
  9. reading back on this I think this was a poor choice of words to relay what I wanted to do
  10. warfarmer farmers of war. half of that is suffering that will receive sonic 2006 without snap cube fondue levels of backlash sentient adapt to everything that isn't void, true damage is translated into slash by them. DE isn't gonna Gove a warframe or anything for that matter the ability to deal finisher damage outside of finishers and slash damage because that how op it would be. finisher deal so much damage a because of a multiplier and B because they dal true damage which is the main reason. there's the answer a more
  11. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mmorpg.com%2Fnews%2Fwarframe-dev-stream-shares-info-on-tennocon-2020-digital-event-2000118131&psig=AOvVaw1dM-7oWZPHJM2oqIqJvKAT&ust=1610475827855000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCNCck5DAlO4CFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD
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