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  1. “In short: it is an assortment of different high end meats and their respective condiments or additions such as cheese, sauce our garnish on a large vertical platter all held in place by culinary use anti gravity.” He explained with a hint of orokin accent slipping through.
  2. “Feel free, despite my appearance as a ruffian I am civilized. I tend to be picky with my food since anything I don’t like the smell of I don’t like the taste of. I’ve tried many foods and this is always true. Feel free to ask me about any dish you like.” while he was talking a tall woman with sea blue hair and sunglasses. She was wearing a pencil dress and something like a shawl came in scanning around before walking towards the pair.
  3. I have a question are we able to switch warframes at all This universe
  4. Maybe Steve got tired of your complaining and decided to pull a sombra on you
  5. “No offense sounds absolutely gross and I’m glad I never had the unfortunate circumstance to eat any of it.” He sat in his chair leaned back and crossed his legs whilst scrolling the menu until he clicked on something and set it down. “I’m very picky with what I eat.”
  6. “Yes we heal well but some injuries still leave marks.” He sat down at a table and picked up a menu. “The language is orokin actually, there should be a little grineer symbol on the bottom right corner just press that and it will switch to grineer language.”
  7. Every time I read that ping number another vegeta breaks his scouter
  8. Yes you can’t post about exploits or how to use them. You can post about seeing one especially if it’s one that changes the system and not an in game trick. Also another thing you can’t do for decades is go on forums you don’t own and tell people what they can and cannot do, unless your a mod or owner. All this person said is he thought he saw someone cheating and described the effects he saw. Which were actually being caused by his 230 ping aka crap WIFI. If he were to have found an exploit and tell people how to do it then it would be a problem.
  9. Yes well warframe doesn’t have dedicated servers and most people play within thier region. 230ping is bad
  10. Your trying to tell me you see nothing wrong with a 230 ping? And assume that everything is someone else’s fault? You realize that ping 230 is enough to crash some games not to mention make Other people’s games laggy as they try to support you. If ask my friend for a gun and shoot myself in the foot is it his fault I can’t walk now?
  11. I feel like there should people with a certain level of ping should just be put in thier own little corner to play with thier fellow laggees instead of causing issues like this Wrong, this is a 100% his problem. And we can talk about this here, we can’t mention names or discuss bans or closed topics
  12. Every time I look at that ping a vegeta somewhere is breaking his scouter
  13. So basically your crap internet caused some super sayain ping which as a result caused your and possibly other people’s game to bug out and as a response referred to people farming as hackers who decided to be smart asses and joke about it?
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