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  1. It does say shame. That’s why I had back it up and reread that.
  2. I mean the only way they have frames like that is through prime access because a lot of the time I see that they have a weapon that they don’t have the mr to use
  3. Because most of the people who say that are rich or veterans who actually have the plat to buy them. I literally couldn’t buy a frame until Christmas last year.
  4. At first I thought it said “shame” and I was about to say..
  5. On top of the fact that this is general discussion and not feedback, they literally gave it to anyone who logged in at any point during the 24-48 hours of during and after if I remember correctly. And also all you had to do was watch a twitch video and you couldn’t do that? Also they announced it a good two months in advance and you couldn’t somehow find 30-60 mins of your day to watch a video on your phone? The problem here is that you simply didn’t try
  6. Fun fact using the keyboard there is a button that allows you to switch from left to right view
  7. Oh lol I thought you were talking about one weapon. I was about to say
  8. Nani? I’m pretty sure it’s five. I sure you aren’t from the Duviri paradox?
  9. Because they spend hundreds of years single. Well the orokin also liked to change thier bodies to achieve thier own wild fantasy’s of beauty. We have to assume that in orokin society the long arm was a normal thing and everyone did it. Like how we all make sure our teeth are white looking. Grandpa entrati being and exception being that he let himself die before he really became an orokin. (Hence why the statues look like a normal dude) and on top of that he was so paranoid about the man in the wall he probably never undertook any standard orokin procedures like the arm enlogation. In o
  10. Enthrall: yes what the eidolon did to the frame that was originally the warden. Possessed him and made him into revenant. Vampires can do this too. mesner skin: it’s a name there no hidden meaning. But sure when he reflects enemy attacks he hypnotizes them so he can enthrall them with no resistance reave: revenant and vampires aren’t too different and that is his theme. And being the idol on frame naturally he has to have that vomvalyst charge. danse macabre: It means the “dance of death” so yea it does, and it does just that. And it fits the eidolon theme as well, by mimicking
  11. It’s a good thing Arabic is my first language. Also there is a difference between something that is idiomatically wrong, and grammatically wrong. On top of that, it’s someone who is being plain rude to people who did try to help. I feel no shame.
  12. Tempest was bad. Also I know that I didn’t use essay level grammar but the sentence sounds proper if read out loud without looking towards every little grammatical error. Where as this: ( Why dont you go look, before opening lips? ). Is wrong.
  13. Yeah I do. But when your 60yrs old (or so they say.) you should still be able to have decent grammar. Especially when your telling other people to look before they speak.
  14. Ok so the necra mech parts are fine because they have a decent rate for and a decent amount of chances to obtain them if you play all the vaults. But DE you release two cool guns: the cortège and the morgha. They bothe not only require almost 18,000 standing each if I remember correctly, but also require you to farm and build each individual part. This in itself isn’t bad, but in order to build each part you have to get a damaged one first. Which only drop from t3 vault with a 5% chance each. Plz fix this. It was way better when Deimos first came out and every vault bounty had a chance to get
  15. I get you pain man. But also gotta remember sometimes people just go into open world and happen to join a squad that’s doing a bounty. But I like your idea, it means that even if they don’t necessarily intend to helps others the bounty, they can still contribute to the squad.
  16. Exactly all you have to do is bullet jump, kill enemies, and hit the orbs. It’s not that hard. He’ll use a redeemer if you must Not really you can bullet jump and glide, but I guess you hands are too busy hanging on to that high horses saddle to do that. This isn’t a test that requires you to hang on pillars, it provides no advantage here. Stealth test yes, here? No.
  17. No it’s an ability not a sentinel. And he isn’t the one choice. People are recommending him to you because you clearly need the crutch. I used frost prime and cleared the test fine.
  18. Why don’t you learn 5th grade English and grammar first?
  19. Well it does suck to suck. Maybe if you used the practice option on relays or looked it up on YouTube, or posses basic movement and direction skills seeing as your supposedly mr 16 it would go better for you.
  20. Everywhere I go this image always manages to find me
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