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  1. Oh no, abusing the generosity of a multi-million company. They will probably go bankrupt lol.
  2. You can't buy tennogen with plat on pc, it requires real money. BUT If you guys get a free tennogen, I want a 75% discount on plat.
  3. Nitain ain't a problem, personally I have more than 70
  4. Weird that we want more loot? Are you sure you've been playing wf all this time?
  5. Chill there big boy. It's additional loot, why wouldn't we farm for it?
  6. How many stealth missions do you play? and please tell me you dont run them with Zephyr 😞
  7. These are veeery basic mods, I'm sure someone will hook you up for free if you ask around on region chat. I would do it myself but I'm on a different platform sadly.
  8. You can leave the squad while in Cetus/Fortuna with ALL YOUR LOOT by pressing Leave Squad under your name
  9. Void Grineer Grenades can one shot everything, it's an old bug that still hasn't been fixed. It's not environmental damage nor another player's frame. So much misinformation going around in this thread.
  10. They are angry, please don't irritate them any further please.
  11. Can you share that 329% strength build?
  12. I don't understand the point of this thread That seems like a pretty huge change you are proposing for something as common as the log in system so I highly doubt that it will happen DE has said that you can't reobtain them for now, that's pretty much it.
  13. It's a bit expensive for what it does but I got it as well 😞 I just couldn't help myself.
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