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  1. 9 hours ago, (PS4)xtharbadx said:

    Will this update include the Exploiter Orb battle?

    If not, are we also going to have to scan the thingies on the Vallies and wait 2 weeks to fight the Orb?.. 

    I don't see why we are going to be an exception.

    So yes we will probably have to scan the thingies as well

  2. Just now, (PS4)jaegerbombtastic said:

    I’m alright with it, but I’m a bit jittery with the new melee. But then again I don’t like change so that’s probably 60% of it lol.

    Im all up for it, i wont have to wait 5 seconds for the melee change animation just so i can do some combos, and the tatsu will let me channel my inner weeb lol

  3. 2 hours ago, (PS4)BkFunk said:

    Hello! I know you said requests are closed until the 27, but I was hoping you could get to it eventually, as your work is fantastic. I'm looking for Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria. Specifically the intro, not the acoustic part, but when it gets electric. Also, being that Halloween is coming, any chance you have creepy Halloween songs? 

    Much appreciated! Love your work and sorry again for an early post.

    He said it already 5 times, make the requests after the 27th

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