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  1. What do you guys think about it? I'm using the repala syandana and I would love having it a bit higher on my frames, maybe also give us the ability to "stretch" them. Like have the 2 things that hook on the frame further apart.
  2. (PS4)ExCuTTioN

    Best all around status effect?

    Status are the slash, impact etc? My bad then, I meant corrosive, viral and the rest
  3. (PS4)ExCuTTioN

    Best all around status effect?

    So till now I was running an arca plasmor with rad and corrosive but I've been hitting some walls regarding corpus enemies. I was wondering if there is another status effect instead of corrosive with good results vs any enemy.
  4. I ended with the most kills in 2/5 missions Please READ what I wrote, they left the squad immediately when they saw I went invisible plus it was my first time using Loki
  5. It's hydron, I went there to level up not carry someone else
  6. I always carry a maxed out weapon with me in xp farms. My Loki is an invisibility build and he is lacking in armor and shields so sometimes he can be a bit squishy. But I'll definitely try high level spy missions for xp
  7. I see, well I had this happen 5 times already. They spawn in and 10 seconds after I use invisibility they are out but it was indeed in hydron
  8. Is it that bad that I don't want to die? And I always use Decoy
  9. (PS4)ExCuTTioN

    So whats everyone up to before fortuna drops?

    Sh@ts difficult af Good luck bro
  10. As the title says I'm mostly a new player, I have logged in about 8 days of game time and I just went through a week of farming and trading Chroma Prime and Gram Prime Sets. My drive for this was vaulted frames (Nekros, Volt, Loki) and Warframe slots (don't spend your first platinum on cosmetics, buy wf slots) The most crucial thing about trading and farming in WF is patience, be PATIENT. I can't put it in words how much important this is. My biggest problem with trading as a new player was that I couldn't get popular items to sell and I found quite an easy solution to it. Chroma Prime, easy to find relics and farm it but also very popular in trade chat. • Farming First thing I did was to get as many Chroma relics as I could. If you can't get your hands on a specific relic, buy it from trade chat (I couldn't get Axi C3 and Meso T3 to drop for me, posted a wtb in chat and got 10-10 for 1 plat each). The next thing is making them radiant, sadly this is a set process of running fissures which takes a lot of time. After that you want to head to recruit chat and find a group to radshare. Most of the time it will be really easy to find groups with popular relics but I also had times where I had to wait 30-40 mins. Be careful on this part because a lot of people will try to trick you. They will join your rad group but equip a different relic. Don't panic. If you abort the mission, you will keep your relic. • Trading As I said later, be patient. You will spent quite a lot of time in the trade chat and do not back down if you are going for a set price. I managed to farm 5 Chroma sets and sold each for 90-100 plat but I had many random suggestions and offers, as I said don't back down. Always check the Warframe Market for stuff you want to buy or sell and never (9/10 cases) buy sets. After I sold my sets, I wanted to buy Nekros, Loki and Volt which are all vaulted and their sets go for stupidly high amounts. For example Loki Prime set goes around 200-250 plat but I managed to buy him a part at the time for 92plat. The price difference is huge and again check Warframe Market for offers. That's all, I hope I helped any new players that want to give trading a shot and sorry for the formatting, I know it's S#&$.
  11. (PS4)ExCuTTioN

    The eternal forma struggle.

    Thanks man, I didn't know about this.
  12. (PS4)ExCuTTioN

    The eternal forma struggle.

    Dude I'm a college student... I'm happy I have internet
  13. (PS4)ExCuTTioN

    The eternal forma struggle.

    Potatos are really difficult to come by and I don't plan on spending 20 plat for them