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  1. Better than never playing again but it seems SPEKTRE has you covered
  2. I don't see why we are going to be an exception. So yes we will probably have to scan the thingies as well
  3. Im all up for it, i wont have to wait 5 seconds for the melee change animation just so i can do some combos, and the tatsu will let me channel my inner weeb lol
  4. I really hope we do. I cant wait for this update, so excited.
  5. Nah doubt it, the update will release either Thursday, Friday or early next week
  6. The entire game supports mouse and keyboard except the chat. You can open the chat window but you can't type without using the controller first which is a huge deal breaker having to switch input devices every second. Why instead of a normal mouse pointer we have a square with a dot inside? And finally it would be really nice if we could keep multiple chat windows open.
  7. Have you thought about moving to console? An Xbox is super cheap right now and can handle every part of the game.
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