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  1. No this is a god roll. Now give me 2kpl or gtfo scrub
  2. We already have that in the form of trade chat
  3. Am I the only one that cares about the Prime fashion and not the boosted stats?
  4. For me it would be more basic free colors like black and white, I had to struggle with my fashion for the first few months.
  5. Yeah she does, Trinity can do crazy amounts of dmg in high levels. A good modded Nidus also does mind boggling damage at 100 stacks
  6. For PC... It will take another month or so for consoles, as for NW if I'm not mistaken, DE said it will last 2 more weeks
  7. Hydrocaps and hemocytes sound ok since you are farming them for arcanes and forma either way but the Defection one is pure hell
  8. In before DE says that we will get the Jupiter remaster in 2 months along with round 16 of tennogen
  9. Lol that's not a challenge, that's straight up torture. What was the prize?
  10. I can feel the salt radiating from me right now Wtf is wrong with your clan? 500 kavors?
  11. Nidus and Harrow were the first nam' experiences that pushed me close to uninstalling the game. I'm never touching Defection again, I love the grind but DE needs to do something about these missions.
  12. I like my glyph, it's clean and nice. Plus Nidus is love.
  13. I can feel the flashbacks coming just by saying Defection 😐
  14. Sadly I haven't heard of anything like that.
  15. I'm afraid of getting the smoking ephemera because I'll have to farm manics again.
  16. No. Most people stopped doing NW because they already reached ranked 30. It would be unfair to say the least if they were to announce it now.
  17. Dude I do exactly the same thing. I don't know why but it feels natural.
  18. PS5 is coming with an SSD so you may as well forget the 2TB storage unless you want it to cost ~700
  19. I was really looking forward to that nidus skin but oh well what can you do. Thanks for the update DE!
  20. There is no point though in repeating it time and time again
  21. OP said he has no dragon key equipped 10 times already. Please read before commenting.
  22. Weird, last time I tried it with a friend, he got the you can't visit the dojo without a clan key message
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