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  1. im excited for the devstream but i do have one recomendation for melay 3.0. you should make it so that if you hold down the wepon switch button it will allow you to do the draw amimation and be able to manually block and channel your wepon like it was in 2.0 then if you tap the melay button it will imediatly pull your wepon out and you would use the middle mouse button like it is in 2.9. i think it would make it easer to use arcanes and things like that.
  2. a cool idea for a mini game is volt bolt, it would be a temple run type mini game. you would be running from infested through jungels on earth or other tile sets. Also thanks for the hot fix.
  3. thanks for the update. just wondering tho when do you think railjack is going to be out? all abord the S.S. Clem
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