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  1. For what it’s worth, I’m using the TAC G2 from HORI and the mouse responds as expected — haven’t noticed anything after the update.
  2. Most of the time they are. The scientific jargon for it is “fat thumbs”.
  3. You probably had a spare Neuroptics blueprint, which is what shows in the foundry (built components aren’t displayed anymore). Select the main blueprint for Ivara Prime and see if the Neuroptics says 1/1.
  4. Equip Helios, then go to Arsenal → Companions → Preceipts tab.
  5. もう一回スキャンしてみても出来ないかな?
  6. 日本語の掲示板にも書き込んだ方が良い、こっちで日本語喋れる担当者が気付かないかも。
  7. The only advice I have is to solo it, it seems there’s no away to avoid a crash otherwise. Also, try what jeffreyjop mentioned: lowering your graphics settings before doing the run.
  8. Accidentally rushing a foundry build, maybe?
  9. Not gonna be delivered via inbox. Try searching for it in your Inventory.
  10. Just overlooking it, I’d say. But I remember that the previous scene had this thing (bug?) where the 5th clue wouldn’t spawn right away, so you had to just stick around for a little while and keep revisiting places you'd already checked, for it to eventually show up. They spawn in random locations for each player, so there isn't much help I can offer but, as an advice, don't exit the scene right away; stay a little longer, keep walking around and looking.
  11. There was a mention about it —I think it was Reb, a couple of weeks ago— saying they were aware of it and still looking for a fix.
  12. The previous one had the same thing. Don’t know if it’s a bug, but the last piece spawned later than the rest — found it in a place I had already looked a couple of times.
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