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  1. Once again thanks to all for your input. A special thanks to Tsukinoki. Your well reasoned replies have changed my mind on this issue. I now understand the situation and why it isn't going to change. I don't think I can close this thread so I will just let it die of neglect. Good luck to all and thanks again.
  2. I would be happy if I got 1 credit for every person who didn't read the whole thread and just commented on a phrase that triggered them. lol Silly Void children.
  3. Most fails are from bugs. also... I play solo (Host migration is unendurable) and new types of missions when first introduced are way over tuned (to challenge groups) and frankly DE fails in any kind of explanation of how a new type of mission works so trial and error rate is high, otherwise not very often.
  4. Bad equivocation "Better luck next time." If you are dead, there is no next time, you are dead. 😉
  5. Thanks to all for replying. My main point is Railjack missions (and free roam missions) are made up of several discrete missions, each one leads to the next part. You do not get to save your earned loot after each part. If you fail at the end of the final part of the mission you are sent back to the beginning, with nothing. For example, a Veil mission may begin with killing 6 crew ships and 80 fighters. Then you are sent onto the next part. Followed by a third part, etc. Each part drops loot and each part is equivalent to a mission on a planet, that if you complete it you get the loo
  6. @Tsukinoki Thanks for your reply. Very informative. I tell me that DE sees problems but doesn't fix them very well. It sounds like the "unidentified items" solution solved the problem but DE chose to punish the players anyway. Lol. Thanks again for the reply.
  7. Thanks for your input. I suggest you read the whole thread before you reply, as I have clearly explained my position in the thread. If you decide not to.... Railjack missions are made up of several discrete missions, each one leads to the next part. Each of these mission is the equivalent of a single starchart mission. Now imagine if you didn't get loot from the planet nodes until you completed the entire planet. That is the current state of Railjack missions, except most times the fail is because of a bug (go read the bug reports) that has low priority to be fixed.
  8. You are a console player aren't you. Console games are built around this concept. It works for consoles. You fail and it sends you back to the last save point, and you start again. Warframe does not work like a console game. It doesn't have save points. It isn't broken down into short segments that you can restart if you fail. Railjack missions are made up of several discrete missions, each one leads to the next part. No save point after each part. If you fail at the end of the final part of the mission you are sent back to the beginning, past several (possible, but currently n
  9. Thanks for your input. Nobody wants free loot. I am just asking for the loot from completed work. Railjack missions are made of several distinct parts, that have to be completed to move on in the mission. Why don't we get to keep that loot? Kill 6 Crew ships and defeat 80 fighters. That takes time and effort and generates loot. but it is not kept if we fail the overall mission. Why not just pop up a reward screen, and then give the next part of the mission? Why have a policy that generates ill will in the people that you want to spend money in your game? What i
  10. Just an update...I spent 22 minutes, opened two prize vaults, prevented a catastrophic hull breach, killed many... I cold not cover 10 defective coolant pipes and kill 4 engineers to prevent a Core Overload, so I get NOTHING that I earned. Zero. Zip. Seven Hotfixes for this latest Railjack addition. Did anybody say, "You don't get paid for your hard work, because there are some bugs."??? Of course not. That wouldn't be fair. You worked hard and deserve to get paid. This policy isn't Fair Play, and creates "ill will" toward the game and D.E. It is
  11. In life we get paid for our work. If we make a mistake at work, we are still paid for our work, and we fix the mistake. Warframe and Railjack has a policy that if you fail a mission, you don't get paid. No loot, You failed. This isn't Fair Play. If your employer had this policy no one at D.E. would ever get paid. No pay. There is a bug. Doesn't sound fair, does it? It is especially unfair if you didn't even cause the bug...or failed the mission because of a bug. It is unfair if the mission has 3 parts and 45 minuted of work/play and fail at the final part.
  12. I'm still trying to work around all the canister throw bugs, before I can even address the mission goals. It is sad, DE. "you had just one job to do..." make the Mastery Tests work without bugs, and you blew it.
  13. I agree with you. Plus on PC the throw mechanic switches at random. Sometime it is the "B" key and next time it may be the center mouse key. The throw animation is slow enough that you may be killed before it bursts, if the canister hasn't disappeared or fallen through the map. In my case, I find that the Mastery tests are the most difficult missions in the game. It is disappointing that such an important part of the game doesn't work properly. I realize that there are many good players that complete this test with no problem. I watch their videos and see that their experi
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