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  1. I do not know if this is because of the recent update or not, but during the entire duration of the stagger effects, you cannot open chat (though if it is already open you can continue typing).
  2. Yesterday I was having problems with frame builds and them locking up (I know on ember prime, but I haven't went back to replicate), not being able to drag mods around or anything, though I could change their levels. I don't think I've encountered this today, but what I did encounter is on Equinox Prime, when you apply the "Peaceful Provocation" augment, you cannot click to view the "DETAILS," nothing happens. If you try and apply forma to an empty slot, it will forma the slot, but if you apply it to a slot with a mod, it will apply the forma behind the mod but it will not update the mod cost, but it will update the cost if you swap the mod to a different slot, and back onto the slot you Forma'd. (Basically, it applies formas but it won't adjust the mod capacity until you move the mod off and back on that position). I tried refreshing (on Equinox Prime) and applying forma to a mod slot (Primed Continuity, though any mod seems cause it) that had a mod, and it still does it, so its not a result of the augment. Note: If oyu remove the Peaceful Provocation clicking DETAILS works again, just as soon as you have it applied you can't see details from my testing I will try and replicate the entire UI breaking and post again, but want to post this for the time being.
  3. Under the Gameplay options, "Matchmaking Ping Limit" is useful, but it would be really nice if under it there was an option to hide notifications for Dojo invites that are higher than your selected ping. Just a simple toggle yes/no button like some other settings would be awesome and save that one extra click to join a dojo.
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