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  1. I did hear The Outer Worlds is amazing. I do want to jump on to it.
  2. Well folks, Voting is now closed. I hope anyone voted Warframe for "Still Playing" and DE for "Studio of the Year".
  3. There is a week left. We need Epic to lose.
  4. Well Epic Games, after their anti-comsumer pratices, (Their DRM storefront, Buying out Rocket League devs even though gameplay is not hurt by that, and Epic Games Store exclusivity deals) is Nominated for Studio of The Year. Epic must never win. Ever, whatsoever.
  5. Someone on Twitter talked S#&$ to me over liking the game. I love it, but really. It is rude to attack someone like that on Twitter.
  6. GamesRadar is really a *@##$ at this.
  7. You voted yet? not trying to rude... And yes. GamesRadar is crap.
  8. corpusbonds vote for DE for best devloper as well?
  9. We can vote for DE and Warframe to prove it wrong.
  10. It's just I heard the news about it. GamesRadar always gets wrong with thing that are not out year
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