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  1. The entrophi standing will not reset so i can get more standing, its been 2 days.
  2. omg thank you all, and that was hilarious
  3. well i am using the focused nosam cutter, and its STILL NOT DROPPING, i even have a better drop rate booster (even though i diddn't want it, cause i had gotten it for free)
  4. I have been grinding for 60 of these for 3 DAYS, and it is safe to say that this is SOME OF THE RAREST BS I HAVE EVER TRIED TO GET.
  5. Why TF is Thaumica one of the hardest ores to EVER TRY TO GET, can someone Please explain this
  6. If the match has ended, i try to get on my k drive and i faze through the edilion fields.
  7. I cannot see where i am supposed to go at the end of the mission, when i pull up the big map everything on it is a big red X.
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