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  1. Came to say basically what everyone else said. It's much harder to tell rarity of an item now, and it doesn't show owned. Adding ducat values would be great.
  2. My thoughts: It's probably my favorite endless mode mechanically, but... 1. I can't really tell the which key I'm carrying most of the time. 2. The keys on the floor aren't super easy to notice. I mostly detect them by minimap and try to pickup everywhere until I get it. 3. Some of the demolysts seem completely immune to damage, while also running at 100 miles/hour. Other times, they just fall over. Feels inconsistent. 4. I almost never notice demolysts spawning. They need to be marked from infinite distance as soon as they spawn. 5. Reward table sucks. Take hexenon out of it completely. Axis should drop from C rotation. Still. It's pretty fun.
  3. Because you're in a different plane of existence? And also incorporeal.
  4. Transmute 12 mods is gross. That's another using resources without a good reason. For spy with operator, will it be fixed so that operator void mode doesn't trigger lasers/etc?
  5. Any plans to add the unvaulted relics to the bounty drop tables?
  6. I wasn't planning on skipping any of the nightwave objectives, but I'm prestige 8 and I don't feel like doing hour long survivals. So, I'm going to skip them. Because they're bad. Undecided on the 40 wave defense. Might skip that too. I'm doing the gild even though I already have every item gilded just because of all the materials given to us by exploiter orb, but I still very much hate the idea of that being a challenge. It's a straight waste of materials and rep for absolutely no benefit. This is also bad.
  7. I agree with a lot of the other posters here. I don't do arbitrations because they feel boring and tedious. Defense especially is a major drag. Would much prefer normal rotation timers.
  8. I've tried using K-Drive to find thumpers, and I'd rather just bullet jump and void dash. This is with all the speed mods on it.
  9. Could add an ESO currency, and use that to buy ESO things that never drop. Even at an absurd rate, that would be fine because at least you know it'll happen eventually.
  10. I agree with OP. You could make it so that the bounty is at night regardless of the game time in PoE. I fight a lot less Eidolons than I'd like to just because of timing.
  11. Most of them are fine. I don't like: 9 invasions, 8 bounties, 10 nightmare missions, 10 perfect animal captures, kill 3 specters. I absolutely despise: Gild 1 modular item, Polarize 3 items, Survive for 60 minutes
  12. diaversai

    Kubrow Loyalty

    It looks like loyalty was changed to only give 10% per interaction. This used to be 20%. When kubrow dies in mission, it still loses 20%.
  13. Had this happen in sortie and Red Veil Rescue. I was host both times and could go through fine, but teammates could not.
  14. I had this happen also on the second Thumper. Looked like it jumped into the water.
  15. I love the idea. One thing to maybe keep in mind though is that Warframe is pretty bad at calculating range when things are elevated (either above or below). You can see this particularly with loot detector. It probably calculates 3 meters up and 4 meters across = 7 meters, instead of calculating the diagonal distance at 5 meters. I've noticed when I jump and use Volt's 4, it's much less effective than if I'm on the ground.
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