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  1. After playing with it a bit. Picking your weapon is definitely better but it's still a slog. I have a couple of suggestions. 1. Lichs shouldn't lose rage so that they're more common. If they showed up in every/every other mission, that would significantly increase the number of murmurs you got. Also, increases number of trial and error chances. 2. Every x lichs defeated should reduce the murmur count you need permanently by 1. According to the wiki, it's 36, 60, 84 right now. It could be done in a cycling system. So first defeat = 35, 60, 84. Second defeat = 35, 59, 84. Third defeat = 35, 59, 83. That way it takes some off of both ends. Maybe to a minimum of half. That would be 90 liches killed/converted would end up with 18, 30, 42 for murmurs. It's a constant progression that way as you learn how requiem mods interact with Kuva Lich physiology through defeats. 3. Trade requiem mods/relics for lich lures. Helps in the same way as #1 does. 4. Kuva weapons shouldn't repeat on larvalings until they've cycled through or you spawned a lich.
  2. I agree with a lot of people here. The murmur grind is pretty boring and the forma to max is harsh. I'd prefer if it were 2-3 forma to get a rank 40 weapon vs 5. But good changes otherwise. I still don't know if it'll make me interact with the system aside from the new weapons, since it's still a content island. If murmurs could be gained by doing normal nodes, I'd probably always have an active lich, but currently I haven't touched one since railjack.
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