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  1. This was a real rollercoaster to read. It was like with every positive, you threw in a negative to compensate. Positive: All missions will return to regular rotation length. Negative: The rotation cadence will be changed. Endo rewards will be reduced to roughly 75%. Positive: Arbiter Drones will now have a small chance to drop Vitus Essence on kill. Negative: When these Arbitration reward changes go live, the price of goods in the Arbiters’ reward manifest will increase by about 50%. Were you just aiming for a net 25% boost? I feel like you would've been fine leaving the rotation cadence at ABCCCCC, and leaving the endo rewards the same and not changing the shop at all.
  2. I'm also in the camp of suspensions aren't warranted for the switch teleport thing. I'm fine with the -riven damage. That's what Loki does. Resetting scores and saying that wasn't intended behavior is totally fine, but I think a suspension is overmuch without saying first that it's unintended. You can always switch teleport a mob to it's death. I've had infested simaris targets being carried by mutalist ospreys dropped off cliffs and die forever, and I didn't ask for them to be suspended.
  3. My thoughts: It's probably my favorite endless mode mechanically, but... 1. I can't really tell the which key I'm carrying most of the time. 2. The keys on the floor aren't super easy to notice. I mostly detect them by minimap and try to pickup everywhere until I get it. 3. Some of the demolysts seem completely immune to damage, while also running at 100 miles/hour. Other times, they just fall over. Feels inconsistent. 4. I almost never notice demolysts spawning. They need to be marked from infinite distance as soon as they spawn. 5. Reward table sucks. Take hexenon out of it completely. Axis should drop from C rotation. Still. It's pretty fun.
  4. Because you're in a different plane of existence? And also incorporeal.
  5. Transmute 12 mods is gross. That's another using resources without a good reason. For spy with operator, will it be fixed so that operator void mode doesn't trigger lasers/etc?
  6. Any plans to add the unvaulted relics to the bounty drop tables?
  7. I wasn't planning on skipping any of the nightwave objectives, but I'm prestige 8 and I don't feel like doing hour long survivals. So, I'm going to skip them. Because they're bad. Undecided on the 40 wave defense. Might skip that too. I'm doing the gild even though I already have every item gilded just because of all the materials given to us by exploiter orb, but I still very much hate the idea of that being a challenge. It's a straight waste of materials and rep for absolutely no benefit. This is also bad.
  8. I agree with a lot of the other posters here. I don't do arbitrations because they feel boring and tedious. Defense especially is a major drag. Would much prefer normal rotation timers.
  9. I've tried using K-Drive to find thumpers, and I'd rather just bullet jump and void dash. This is with all the speed mods on it.
  10. Had this happen in sortie and Red Veil Rescue. I was host both times and could go through fine, but teammates could not.
  11. I love the idea. One thing to maybe keep in mind though is that Warframe is pretty bad at calculating range when things are elevated (either above or below). You can see this particularly with loot detector. It probably calculates 3 meters up and 4 meters across = 7 meters, instead of calculating the diagonal distance at 5 meters. I've noticed when I jump and use Volt's 4, it's much less effective than if I'm on the ground.
  12. Thinking about it, acquire three forma would probably have been better than use three forma. That would've been a teaching moment on how relics are great for getting forma.
  13. I'm with everyone else. Forcing to use forma and gild items is bad for the above stated reasons. I'm also pretty strongly against Profit Taker as a challenge, as it would be completely inaccessible to most people even if they spent the entire week trying to get there due to the strict rep cap. Even something like "complete an arbitration" would be technically possible to clear the star chart in a week. If someone was 0 rep with SU, even at mastery 27, it would be impossible to access that fight by the end of a week.
  14. double posted. don't know how to delete.
  15. I've done all the challenges so far. I'm mastery 26 (started late July 2018), but recently got my wife and brother to play. And they are mastery 5 and 11ish. So I'm looking at this from a few different perspectives. The biggest thing is that I think Nitain should still be available through the old alert system in addition to wolf creds, or maybe every level should give you a Nitain in addition to the normal reward. My brother at mastery 5 needs Nitain. He doesn't play a lot, so he's about to hit Nightwave rank 1. Needs 3 or 4 for Nitain, and then it doesn't appear until 7 or 8. That's hard if you don't play a lot. Like 3-4 weeks for 15 Nitain, and that's ignoring the rest of the rewards. Meanwhile at Mastery 26, I'm already sitting on over 100 Nitain, and I'll be able to buy tons of other stuff since I'll hit over rank 30 no problem. My wife is doing all right on Nitain while crafting new items, because we've been doing all the challenges together. So, the amount of Nitain is probably balanced if you're doing every challenge, but that's not going to be true for everyone. If you're only generating 20k rep/week, that's going to be 15 Nitain/2 weeks or so, if you don't buy anything else. I also don't like the overflow effect of Wolf Creds. It's extremely limited until Rank 31, and then you'll be swimming in them. I'd rather see wolf creds at every rank (maybe 10/rank to match the 300 you'd get if you did it all). Obviously, I'm not rank 31 yet, and I'm going by the assumption that you get 50 wolf creds every level after 30. I'll hit rank 45-50 probably by the end. That's an extra 750-1000 Wolf Creds, vs the 300 available if you can only hit rank 24. That's about triple the amount you'd get from the initial. For challenge specific stuff, I think the biggest issue is that some of the challenges feel outside of how the game operates. 1. Ayatan socketing - I do syndicate missions every day and I have access to Arbitrations so this wasn't a problem for me, but I feel like it forces stalling. If this repeats, then I'll want to hold onto Ayatan sculptures and not socket/trade them for endo in case it comes back. I haven't socketed anything since this challenge and don't plan on doing so until this Nightwave ends. 2. 60 minute anything - This game is broken down into 5 minute segments. Basically every mission is designed to be done in 5 minutes. Capture, exterminate, sabotage, rescue can all be done in under 5 minutes. The time locked ones like survival, defense, interception, defection, and mobile defense fit pretty well in a 5 minute set as well. At the top end, you have C rotations which you expect to take around 20 minutes, so it feels outside of the scope of the game to have to do 60 minutes. I'd rather it be broken up into 3 20 minute chunks. 3. Bounties - I don't like that the system encourages lower level bounties vs higher level ones. I think completing bounty segments would be better. 24 bounty segments would be 8 low level bounties or 5 high level bounties. I think that'd be a better system. 4. Without using life support - I don't like anything you can fail with a bad click. 5. 5 sorties - Since sorties are non-repeatable, I don't like the idea of something you can fail if you go on vacation for a weekend. Let's say I care about warframe more than going outside. Do I go on a vacation or do I do the five sorties? I'm going to pick sorties. That's bad for video game/life balance. 6. There's just a wild variance in difficulty between challenges of the same tier, and I think that's bad. 60 minute survival is way more demanding than 3 ESO waves. Now, all that said, I think Nightwave is a great system that encourages people to do things that they should be doing anyway. In particular I love the Lua/Vault challenges this week. I haven't been able to make time for that kind of thing, and my wife needs mods from both of those. Generally, all the Nightwave stuff has fit into my playstyle (which is admittedly excessive) really nicely.
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