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  1. And a few months on its still an issue seems to be centered around dropping out of his exalted fists for me.
  2. So Im having a slight issue with the scaling of my of my graphics. The entire screen seems zoomed in everything on the screen from the HUD to the frame etc. Im playing 60hz 1440p Full screen vsync enabled, Native scaling and Dynamic Resolution set to disabled, Film grain Motion blur set to off Bloom low, TAA 8x with just about every thing else cranked to the max settings. Ive spent a good hour tinkering both in the game settings and the Nvidia settings with no results. Any one have an idea how to remedy it? Im running an i7 4790k GTX 980 ti 16gb ram Not sure you'd need that info but it might be useful. Thanks in advance
  3. And still no word from the update error I received the moment this patch went live. The really annoying thing here is I like the game, I was quite happy spending my time and money to play it. But first two times I actually need support, firstly with missing items from my inventory(4days and counting), then a patch which the moment i tried to download it broke the launcher, making the game unusable. You've come up woefully short, it sours whats been a pretty enjoyable time playing the game. I play games to get away from the stress of work not for it cause me more stress.
  4. Still no resolution to not being able to perform the update without it crashing. Fancy having some basic modicum of customer service for paying patrons of your service? #1503319
  5. Is there some fix for this after the most recent "hotfix" Im stuck on this nothing seems to work to remedy it. Im not hopeful as the thread is some 5yrs old but its worth a shout I guess
  6. I can't download the "hotfix" just keeps telling me the update failed some content could not be downloaded from our servers. Any one got an idea?
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