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  1. Hi, I'm a pretty new player (playing since summer last year) and usually not very good at a lot of things, but the only Nightwave act I didn't manage to complete so far, was the Ayatan one. That was because I didn't have the star chart unlocked yet and couldn't do Arbitrations where it's not that difficult to get Ayatan treasures. It prompted me to complete the star chart, though, so that was kinda nice. I was just a tad too slow. The Survival thing was too long in my opinion. It was definitely doable, but what I actually like about Warframe is that you usually don't have to invest big chunks of time in one sitting. You can do a short mission, do something else, do another short mission. Doing the same thing for an hour with the potential of failing in the last few minutes is not much fun. I really like that Nightwave is prompting us to do a lot of different things. I'd have probably been a lot more lost, if this had come earlier, though. Before I even knew that the Index existed, I always used alerts to get credits reasonably quickly. Also, if you don't know which of the things you can buy for wolf creds are important and which aren't, it's probably pretty easy to blow the few wolf creds you get on something stupid and then go quite a long time without any chance of getting something like Nitain anywhere else. Maybe Nitain could be added to the things you get form Invasions? That'd solve that problem.
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