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  1. Yeah, with no range mods it's only marginally useful for maybe a doorway in a low level mission. It just doesn't cover enough ground to ensure a group of enemies would remain within it long enough to die. That's why Range is so important for it, and why I'm concerned about what will happen to it when new Range calculations come next week. If it's ignored or unintentionally changed, it will become useless.
  2. I certainly wasn't directing that first line at you. 😛 The status buff is indeed nice! But there are still so many unknowns. We don't even know if the disc will have its own damage stat page, for example; Wouldn't make much sense for our disc to deal IPS damage, as the "Zenistick" now seems to do. Perhaps they have more plans for the Zenistar, decoupling disc from stick in terms of stats and damage. Who can say. I guess we'll just have to wait.
  3. There seems to be a lot of people here who have no clue what the OP is specifically asking about. We're not talking about Zenistar's melee range as if you were swinging it around, we're talking about the disc. Lemme show you. Zenistar has a special effect which allows you to charge attack and fling out a disc that shoots out elemental damage in a circle around the disc. The size of this circle of damage is based on weapon range, and the default diameter is a measly 6m. Example: Here's an example of that same disc, this time with some range mods: While the damage is nothing to write home about, when built properly with the right elements and flung into the sky where it can make line-of-sight with every enemy, it's pretty proficient with sub lvl 100 enemies: And finally, if you're having trouble understanding what 22m looks like in-game, this is a screenshots from last year, before they toned down the disc's fx. The range it covers in-game today is the same, DE just made the disc more transparent. And, I'd say, that change was warranted: While the Zenistar isn't known for its massive damage against high level enemies, it is certainly useful, and any Zenistar lover will be able to show you why in a variety of missions. You can use it as shown to lock down an entire section of a tile or room, and I'm sure some of you have seen Zenistars blanketing a section of a mobile defense point, a defense mission cryopod, a survival camping spot, etc. Here's some ways I use Zenistar, and I've seen many other Zenistar users do the same: Zenistar is great for proccing status and CCing enemies when playing stationary mission types, like Survival, Defense, Mobile Defense, Defection, Disruption, even Sabotage or some Assassinations (I'm looking at you, lvl 100 PhysEnhance Ruk). Chain-gas procs on mid-level enemies is powerful with all those Toxin DoTs stacking, and the proc speed can be increased by adding attack speed to your build, causing your DPS to rise and rise. Radiation or Blast procs will ensure anyone who walks into the Zenistar's radius won't be walking out as well, concentrating enemies into a single area; Very helpful for Survivals when playing alongside Nekros, Khora or Hydroid. As I showed above, against sub-100 enemies, most any well built Zenistar can handle just about any enemy unfortunate enough to walk into it. The disc also ticks away at Nullifier shields without being "nullified" and it can also damage Arbitration drones, no matter how many massive enemy units are standing between you and the drone...which is a big reason why we also love weapons like Catchmoon, Plasmor & the Fulmin, they make poor enemy pathing AI and annoying/unpredictable drone movement trivial. But that's a discussion for another time and place. Zenistar has a lot of value and can be used in a lot of different situations, if built properly. And the main stat Zenistar builds rely on is Range...hence this thread. What we Zenistar lovers are unclear about is how the upcoming changes to the way Range is applied to weapons will impact weapons with special abilities like the Zenistar, Sancti Magistar (heals in a radius when charged), the Vaykor Sydon (Radial Blinds in a radius when enough attacks are blocked & stored), and maybe others I'm forgetting. All of these weapons have special abilities whose radii are based on the current range stat and how it currently functions. I was hoping we'd find out if the upcoming changes to range will negatively, positively, or not impact these weapons’ special effects at all during the most recent Prime Time, but Reb & Megan had no clue and didn’t try them out. I worry that means it's still undecided, or the news is not good, and these weapons with their niche usefulness & usage will be relegated to mediocre usability...or even worse, they weren’t planning on touching them and they’re broken anyway, as we saw with the entirety of the Sword & Shield and Gunblade classes of weapons, where auto-blocking simply stopped you from charge attacking, and no dedicated blocking key rendered several mods and builds broken. I’d prefer for my favourite and well-earned login reward weapon not to be relegated to that same fate. I love my Zenistar, and many others love theirs too. It’s a weird niche weapon that’s as far away from “meta” builds as you can get, and any excuse to stay away from Maiming Strike builds is a welcome one for me. Don’t take away one of my favorite weapon mechanics, please. So now that you (and hopefully DE) understands what we're looking for in terms of clarification, hopefully we can get some before the update hits. And if there are no changes planned but things change anyway, unintended-like, we can use the information above to help display the expected behavior Zenistar, Sancti Magistar & Vaykor Sydon users would like returned.
  4. I'm very curious about what's happening to Zenistar. Will range continue to increase the size of the projected disc, or is it getting herfed heavily?
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