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  1. If i do several missions i a row and then abort a mission i lose everything i have gathered in the session except for the end mission rewards from the previous missions. The resources collected from enemies in previous missions are all gone.
  2. A few Hotfixes after the melee rework the brought the "hold for heay atack" back. since then, whenever i spam E to melee i started to randomly do a heavy attack once in a while, which kills my combo counter and my DPS because i use Blood rush. Can you please fix this or give us a toggle for enabeling/disabeling the "hold for heavy attack" feature? You really need that DPS when you don't want to spend a minute wailing on a lvl 110 Nox to kill him Also, every time ths happens to me (which is a lot, i have only be able to max my combo counter one or maybe two times since this started) it causes a LOT of frustration and anger
  3. Before updated 26 you performed a heavy attack by just holding the melee key After the update you did it by pressing a seperate heavy melee attack key Hotfix 26.0.7 made it possible again to perform a heavy attack by holding the normal melee key Can we get a toggle for this? I have performed a heavy attack several times when i didn't want to (i only spammed E, didn't hold it) and thus set my combo counter to 0 again, which isn't great for someone that uses Blood Rush.
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