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  1. A few Hotfixes after the melee rework the brought the "hold for heay atack" back. since then, whenever i spam E to melee i started to randomly do a heavy attack once in a while, which kills my combo counter and my DPS because i use Blood rush. Can you please fix this or give us a toggle for enabeling/disabeling the "hold for heavy attack" feature? You really need that DPS when you don't want to spend a minute wailing on a lvl 110 Nox to kill him Also, every time ths happens to me (which is a lot, i have only be able to max my combo counter one or maybe two times since this started) it causes a LOT of frustration and anger
  2. Before updated 26 you performed a heavy attack by just holding the melee key After the update you did it by pressing a seperate heavy melee attack key Hotfix 26.0.7 made it possible again to perform a heavy attack by holding the normal melee key Can we get a toggle for this? I have performed a heavy attack several times when i didn't want to (i only spammed E, didn't hold it) and thus set my combo counter to 0 again, which isn't great for someone that uses Blood Rush.
  3. first reply and already someone who didn't get what i was complaining about. i know how they changed how the mod works and I'm not complaining about it here. I'm complaining about the fact that my riven used to be stronger than maiming strike and is now weaker than maiming strike. Weaker than Maiming strike. It's buff value (aka. the 102.8%) didn't go up by the same percentage of it's value that maiming strike got. It's about a relative nerf of my riven compared to maiming strike, not about the nerf overall
  4. Update 26 changed how many melee mods work including maiming strike and Rivens that have the same buff as it. To compensate in some way maiming strike was changed from 90% to 150%, an increase of two thirds of the previous value. Before the update my spin2win Riven had a miming strike buff with 102.8% and after it with 137.1%. However, if my rivens percentage would increase by the same percentage of its value as maiming strike it should have 171.3% now. It increased only by slightly more than half of this percentage and is now weaker than maiming. What the Hell? If you change something like this everything should be treated the same but that wasn't the case here. You are basically nerfing spin2win Rivens relative to maiming strike without any reason. PS: before someone misunderstands what I'm saying here: I'm not complaining about how they changed the Rivens and maiming strike, I'm complaining that they basically nerfed my riven in compared to maiming strike. It's mechanics changed like maiming strike's did, but it's numbers did increase less than maiming strike's did, which makes it weaker compared to maiming strike
  5. keep up a 3x combo active for 30s with a active pet attack speed helps a lot with that
  6. no, in the particular case that compelled me to make this post i really need the riven. I want to do a melee riven and the only really good weapon i have for that is my plague kripath. And it would suck to do that without my +cc for slide attacks +attack speed -infested dmg. Also this is more a question about the game design of this particular element.
  7. It just prevents me from unveiling them since i can't use the weapons i would like to use for that.
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