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  1. Major bug with the trading UI - players trying to put multiple items of the same type into the trade window are not showing to their other party - for example: multiple times I've had trade offers today to buy statues, someone had two or more of the same statue and on THEIR end it's showing they've put both of their statues into the window however on MY side I'm only seeing the one. I just tested this with a buyer where I gave them the platinum for a 2 statue trade, they had put both statues (two anasas) into the window but my trade credit tax only showed 12k for me (they saw 24k on their screen) and when we completed the trade, I had ZERO new statues and they still had one in their inventory. The trading is not working correctly with duplicate items.. I love the new trading UI in concept but uh.. this needs to be addressed asap. lol
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