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  1. The problem that drove the people to be upset with this update (The Old Blood), including myself, is the limited gameplay of the game. My fun in the game was with the scale of the melee damage that was stronger on the enemies, but unfortunately it was nerfed. That was a bad decision, so how can we stay in a match for a long time? Impossible! That is very expressive nerf. Fighting low level enemies with high damage has no logic and vice versa. I think this new melee system Is very bad and I hope that “DE” returns to the previous system (blood rush, drifting contact, maiming strike, weeping wounds). Honestly, me, my friends and many others players didn't like the nerf that the melee weapons suffered, including old players, are not interested to play anymore and are leaving the game, it got too bad. So, return to the previous system. Thanks in advance. NOX level 1355, horde 95, 2 hours, 10 min, 54 sec... Anymore!
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