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  1. I forgot completely to come back here to update the status. I kept trying, without letting that affect me, with different mind, (although it's not like it was depressing me or something like that before XD), until try 104, where it appeared again the Nukor, after talking with my mate, and search for a little info before, I decided to pick it up, because I read it's a really really nice Kuva Weapon (about a week after picking it up, with 5 Formas now I can confirm this), hoping this would reset somewhat or helped me to make the Kuva Bramma appear, and IT WORKED, or at least, that's what I think. About 2 days after that, my mate told me he was going to do 5 runs having 3 Kuva weapons that he wanted to obtain, so any of those 3 would be worth for him, I was playing and voice-chatting with him, so like we were playing together, I decided to do like him, solo playing for those 5 runs, and IT APPEARED my beloved, long-waited Kuva Bramma, at the try 108, at least from when I started to count, and it's a nice one, 59% of Heat, so NICE. I already got it with the 5 Formas, and really happy with it. Again, I'd like to thank you, dear Tenno brothers & sisters, who sent me encouragement when I posted this here, I really appreciated and appreciate it, this only reinforced my thought that the Tenno community is such an amazing one :). So, of course, the RNG was a hard one, but with patience and time, effort and trying to have it like a Kuva farm (for example), it finally showed up that long-desired Kuva Bramma and now I'm pretty happy with it (like I supposed I'd be). Bests regards and as always, PEACE ^^.
  2. Without doubt, thanks for the advice and maybe I expressed myself in a wrong way, it's not like I'm not having fun, it's just that this specific farm is getting quite hard, but I'm doing about 15-20 per day, not on a row, maybe 5-10 on a row, do any other thing, like fissures, invasions, farm Steel Path Arcanes, etc. But yeah, your advice is really appreciated, as well as the rest of you, my beloved Tenno family :). Bests ^^. Thank you very much for your kind cheers & moods, honestly. Yeah, like I wrote to the other Tenno mate above, I'm not doing about 30 on a row or something crazy like that, I'm trying to get it ASAP, because I will rather prefer that (even though I still need to sell something for platinum to get more slots XD), and above all, because the mate I mentioned is waiting for me, with his Kuva Lich already spawned, to do it together and I will like to not make him wait much. Thank you a lot, really, you and every other Tenno that showed me your good desires, sending me strength and cheering for me :). Bests ^^.
  3. Not on a row, it's been around 3 days or so, but yeah, I'll say my mate to wait for me if he doesn't mind or he will do his Kuva Lich and I'll get Kuva Bramma from the Larvling whenever the RNG wants to XD. Thanks for the moods :).
  4. Hello, dear Tenno community, I come to ask you for guidance and help, because I'm rather becoming desperate to spawn a Kuva Larvling that has Kuva Bramma, it's been 62 tries so far, a Tenno mate of mine, told me he required about 20 or 20 few tries, but I've already triplicated his tries, to get THE FIRST KUVA BRAMMA, I know this is a RNG-only dependent process, but I highly doubt this is normal, I'm getting more or less the same weapons, about half the times or even more, with a few rare ones spotting 2-3 times so far, but not even 1 Kuva Bramma, I think I might have the worst luck in this matter. RNG is being cruel with me on this matter :(. I don't know if you can provide me with something, support, energy or something, because I've been doing it about 15 times on a row, but then I've become desperate and stop doing it. My mate, already did about 3 Kuva Liches so far, this is gonna be my 2nd, because I had a hard time with my first one too, I got the 3 Requiem mods, the only 3 ones I hadn't on that time. I got 2 of them relatively easy, but Khra was really hard to obtain, I obtained it about 4-5 days ago and was such a relief. This is an interesting addition in my humble opinion, but I suppose I'm not having the best of lucks with it. Hoping at least I'm getting a Warframe record or something XD. Bests regards to all my beloved Tenno brothers and sisters :). And remember, stay safe, stay happy and good hunting ^^.
  5. This New War starts by taking down the game access for a few time, a few hours previous to the reveal of the first New War gameplay :(.
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