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  1. After the second hotfix today I logged on and found out on one reactor the flux energy went down from 80 to 77, please no 😞
  2. Thx for the hotfix. Intrinsics leveling is fair imo, missions are fun except the avionic capacities. Please make the reactor at least tradable or increase drop rate/average drop capacities. Reward who works hard, not who is lucky. One bug I found out is that the flux energy tends to stay at the level without the effect of hyperflux when you launch RJ mission from orbiter->RJ regardless how much you overcharge it in advance in dry dock. I use a sigma reactor MK3 with zekti hyperflux, but almost every time I launched from orbiter, the beginning energy level was shown as 450 even if I charged it to 700 In advance
  3. Please make components and armaments tradable for at least once, at least the blueprints, like liches, if the rng has to stay. Although I am personally fine with paying platinum to short cut the new contents, I feel like it’s getting more and more costlier in the last two years. And it is getting harsher on those who don’t pay.
  4. I personally like the update so far, might because I have not really done any space missions yet. Knowing that things will just get patched I decide to play it after one week or two. I like to have roles like trin just playing my part by sitting inside the ship repair stuff. Space fighting is completely different and there’s a lot to improve. thumbs up for the market item packets which separate stupid consumables with decos and thus lowering the price.
  5. I don’t actually want them buff CO because this will do buff status melees but also hybrids. And then hybrids will just go op. i hope they somehow make combo counter on status Useful. Crit melees can take more benefits from combo counters as cc doesn’t have a cap. But status does. For example, allow to reach higher than 90% heavy attack efficiency when status chance is over a threshold, or allow faster windup speed than 0.2 sec. Sophisticated formula is needed here to ensure those hybrids get their restriction here to avoid being buffed again. I hate the windup in heavy attacks and I believe I’m not alone. Please think of a way out for those short comings for both status weapons and heavy attacks.
  6. Now I feel bad for those stats only melees. You know now there’s only one build for all usable melees right? Blood rush CO range AS Organshatter Electric toxin The last one is heat/pressure point/weeping wounds/combo depends on the need/weapon/riven. Now steel got buffed and is added to the last slot‘s list. what about those crit only or stats only melees? No ones gonna use them. Crit got buffed now( what about rivens‘ CC and slide CC grades?) Not to mention with weeping wounds even 10% sc would end up useful, which means most crit weapons are actually usable, that’s why I feel bad for stats only melees. Do you know no one was using heavy attack? Do you think giving a Crazy cc buff to heavy attack will improve the situation? I don’t use heavy attack because it’s slow. Because it’s hard to hit the enemies that I want to hit . Because the winding up time might get me killed. Because it’s not worth it to sacrifice all the buff from my weeping wounds and Bloodrush (unless I use a riven which gives high efficiency, but no, I would rather have other stats than efficiency on my riven) If I only need to fight one enemy I might use heavy attack. But it’s not the case in 98% of the gameplay. I wrote similarly under previous hotfix about heavy attack. Ask a player or ask yourself how often do you use it in missions. I feel like these follow up melee changes/fixes are temporary patches that are made just to cover the messed up results caused by inconsiderate ideas, while through many leaks you can still see the hollow parts down inside. Atm I would personally suggest: 1. adjust rivens CC and slide CC grades 2. remove or significantly reduce all windup speed. Or put it into rivens. 3. Allow movements while winding up 4. make combo counters on stats only melees somehow useful. At least something special than it is to crit or crit&stats melees.
  7. Agree. Ppl say removing the teamshared murmur bonus progress from failing to kill a lich is a downside to teamplay, which for me in fact has nothing to do with teamplay, as long as liches only show up one at a time. Because you are forced to help, if you want yours to spawn. Shared murmur bonus progress is imo good. Not because it encourages teamplay, only because it makes lich farm less grindy. Bosses don’t overlap and they shouldn’t imo, but to fix this “coward prob”, I would suggest to give a count down on each spawned lich. If the owner doesn’t interact in 45s or so, he will despawn. Edit: I noticed each spawned lich could generate 10 ( if true) more thralls and that’s why failing to kill it would grant you 10 bonus progress. Some ppl didn’t kill them before to keep the anger up as well as to farm the thralls. What is happening now: thralls are shared among Team but failure bonus is not. Let aside luck factor: For lich’s Owner : try killing a lich would give 10 bonus progress but remove the anger as well as level him up. This is a bad deal considering waiting for the lich to make 10 thralls and kill them isn’t a big deal, not to mention thralls are shared, and you can still get your bonus after that. For teammates: you get only your time wasted if other lich spawns and got instantly tried out. There may be few thralls generated by the lich while he is alive but shorter he exists, fewer thralls. Unless you are waiting for your last fight with your lich, teammate not killing theirs will only do you good as thralls progress are 100% shared. solution: stop making liches generate thralls. Making failed trials bonus 100% shared among group. Give a countdown on each spawned lich.
  8. I feel like it’s a known issue the requiem relics have only one valuable drop and that is the mods. The rest is trash and no one wants it. I don’t even get it why the relics exist, just to arbitrarily put another layer of RNG on top of requiem mod types, lich weapons, lich sigil, Kuva weapon bonus, requiem mods orders. and the requiem mods are consumable. if they have to be grindy then make things less random. If they have to be random then make things less grindy: farm one (most) frame or open relics to get a wanted item doesn’t ever need a multiple of 3+ hours. And if they do, they are tradable or purchasable from the market with a reasonable price. Rolling rivens to get wanted stats is as well grindy but fewer are complaining, because 1. It’s not forced in ways of enjoying ingame contents 2. Rivens are tradable. For example, Remove the mr exp from kuva weapons or make them tradable would instantly relieve the cryouts.
  9. Please remove the consumablities of requiem mods or change/remove the 835 pack from the market.
  10. Please remove the requiem mods 3-time use life if this is true. Each mod can be only used to kill 3 liches then it’s consumed, you will have to get a new one ! God this is disgusting how could you come up with such a horrible idea!!!!!
  11. Make 1 more energy efficient or make his 1 more applicable to more special units which are currently immune to it or make 2 one guaranteed kill on activation make 2‘s buff more user friendly: eg able to choose buff; give all buffs every time etc. 3 is trash atm, need rework like more dmg or cc or just shoot all contents at once to make a forced cc. 4 needs to be faster and easier to control. I would prefer 4 free from other conditons and can just activate on its own edit: except 2, i didn’t expect Grendel to be a dmg Dealer with 3 or 4. I just want to have fun with him, like eating then shooting enemy body fireworks or roll around in a ball. I was expecting his 2 was the one that kills but in fact the synergy among 124 is. 4 doesn’t have to kill imo. It can cc but most importantly, it’s fun. 3 i am not sure as it has all the potentials.
  12. Heavy attack needs to be faster, please remove/reduce the charging state when you click the heavy attack button. It is like the unloved charge attack before, due to its super long charging time, it is unpractical. Since heavy attack already consumes all your combos, I don’t think there’s a need for another cost on top of that to keep players off. Just make it simple as toggled channeling so we can perform smoothly - maybe with some visual or sound effect to indicate that the next hit will be a heavy attack. The channeling toggle before was not easy to tell if you activated it or not if you were not using a super bright energy color. Parazon finisher in normal Mission on normal targets are now too niche to be performed. I saw quite a few chances already but my finger just won’t stop pushing e and I know it would be not faster if I reach out down to press x. The movement looks cool but after first few tryouts everything just goes back to routine. I would suggest to make it more exclusively on elite units which would make a parazon finisher worthy, or just like someone said before move the x key back to e so we can just do it without breaking the flow.
  13. The energy bar in the lower right corner is now very hard for my eyes to tell how much energy is left. Just white bar on a light grey tube ... i have to Kö always look at the energy meter now... Dunno if it’s problem of my setting. Still prefer the old one... at least it was easy to read
  14. Thank you for the update and always trying to give your best to us. There might be some changes that I don’t like but well it’s still better than playing an unchanged game for good. After all improvements are only made possible when things get to move.
  15. I see you don’t want players to use one loadout for everything, and hope with this update there will be more variance. but somehow I feel like all the changes so far are superficial and not critical. You change melee system to encourage (force) players to apply alternative loadouts, neglecting the fact we still and always need to kill mobs with efficiency, in order to farm something or just to complete the mission 1 sec faster. This untouched, I’m afraid no matter how you change whatever dmg system, we will always find the most efficient loadout with each update, and stick to it, as it’s costly for players to ready multiple variances, and it’s impossible for you to make each loadout equally efficient. to bring the variety back, I would suggest to free players from forced mass killing. After all, we are ninjas, not genocidists.
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