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  1. Q: Is the new ice mine tileset in Corpus Proxima foreshadowing Europa ice planet remaster?
  2. I absolutely love the art, the graphics the music! oh the music... yeah. And the graphics too.
  3. Because boarding derelicts/crewships/mines is different to the basic warframe exterminate/defense mission. I also think it's a difficult decision with more complex mission types like defense and orphix, like if you do as you say, railjack and the ground mission in parallel then the devs would leave it to players who goes where which can cause a ton of problems and trolling. Maybe I'm wrong, these are just my thoughts.
  4. For me it's camera clipping into objects and environment. The game suddenly feels empty and fake, you know, not solid.
  5. With 3 necramechs it could work? And no separate items for conlave/normal necramech like with warframes/weapons.
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