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  1. Maybe warframe v1 when it comes out of beta next generation. Im sure de will be able to afford servers worldwide if they are not greedy company. But how cute to see many fanboys brownosing "oh but we are fine im better loose loot than de buys servers im fine its better how it is" muahahahahaha makes my day
  2. Yes please, let us choose riven stats we desire in a pve game for whatever the added costs
  3. Magnetic damage will be useless as long as you can kill robotics with toxin and slash. Make shields immune to cheese then you can rework or buff magnetic boom
  4. Yes soon they said it 1 year ago muahahahahaha
  5. Is de out of ideas? Hm lets see we have this fire thingy that nobody uses but everyone uses corrosive hm oh oh oh lets make fire corrosive. Oh and magnetic best idea is to make it corrosive as well. Damage v3 done. Tara
  6. Was this a kripath riven brag? Its only average by the way mua
  7. I dont get it. You say its bad to get 8 growing power mods from apothics so you nerf loot frames. Now you want to revert back does that mean its ok to loot specter 8 times? Confused
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