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  1. Just subsume perspicacity from the helmint on the warframe you use for spy missions.
  2. Depends on which slot you want to use. Some examples can include: -Dethcube with Energy generator. -Subsuming an ability, depends on your stats (Spectrorage with spectrosiphon, dispensary, spellbind with spellbound harvest, well of life with pool of life) -A zaw with Exodia brave -A secondary with energizing shot -Using Lavos or Hyldrin
  3. It's the symbol of digital extremes, the developers of warframe
  4. If no fishes spawn sometimes it works to unequip and reequip the fishing spear and then aim, if you hear bubbles some fishes are about to spawn, if you don't, repeat. If after doing that 4/5 times no fishes spawn then it's probably really bugged, and you should change the fishig spot or exit/reenter the map.
  5. And why would i consider killing things in an hour+ survival on SP to be relevant to the discussion? Did the OP ask for it? Are there exclusive rewards? Is it anything other than a self imposed challenge? With that mindset a lot of things that work super well in the whole rest of the game are considered useless because tHey dOn'T wOrK wiTh lvl 99999999999999999+ enEmiEs aFteR yOu sPend a Week in Survival and you are restricted to a super narrow type of play. Which is totally fine if you want to do it, but if you go on random discussions that have nothing to do with it and make it seem th
  6. So what you're saying is that i am right. Thank you. Apply this part to playing without status mods, or playing in conclave: then priming as a concept is completely out the window, but your reasoning still stands because they are possible content; this means that, by your own reasoning, building weapons to prime status is always worse. So you arrive at a contradiction, meaning that your reasoning is invalid. But it's even simpler: why are you not giving advice on which is better for eidolons? or for a specific faction? or for conclave? or for an harrow build? Because the OP d
  7. So you're not responding to anything in my post except for a little out of context phrase? ok then. I'm just gonna repeat myself then: -Just crit is generally faster than priming since you're not even changing the button to press or having to close distance, this is true for enemy levels at least up to the point required to get everything possible in the optimal way. -Going up against high level enemies is possible, just as is possible to not use status mods or other arbitrary restrictions, it's just not required for anything, they are personal challenges and should not be consi
  8. Sure, it's wrong if you put additional conditions attached to it, it's like saying that it's useless as a status proccer if you play without elemental mods, so your statement is just wrong xD Unless you can show me where in the game exist a mission with lv 1500+enemies that is worth doing and it isn't just you waiting hours in endless to see the numbers go up when you could get the same rewards from lower level missions, bacuse otherwise it's an arbitrarly placed condition like not using elemental mods, and that would mean you are just wrong for using it that way.
  9. I use it for SP, dunno where OP wants to use it but probably in lower level content since he's never done a lich before.
  10. Or you could just use crits to kill everything just with the nukor. Just saying.
  11. You can't put them on any exalted weapon, it seems to be intended at this point.
  12. No, it's 40% for mod, the set bonus that shows is global. So 80% for 2 mods, if you want 160% you have to use 4.
  13. Yes, 40% per mod. Should show on the bottom part of the mod iirc.
  14. I tried every ordinance mod i have and didn't see any number change. Could you explain better which stats do you see change? Also, i assume you mean changes on the modding screen, during missions there is a discrepancy depending on the auras.
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