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  1. First frame I was on Protea because that's what I had been using lately. Second Innaros Third and Fourth Wukong.
  2. Yeah I am pretty confident, more wanted to put out some perspective on why the unique qualities of this fight might be an issue for a section of the player base.
  3. Yes, I had to choose to fall many times, but the reset mechanic for fall gives him more time to destroy the battlefield, and full destruction of the battlefield is a fail state. I am out of attempts at the moment.
  4. Full disclosure, I have a disability, actually I have several, but the one at play here is damage to left arm and hand. The damage is both physical and nerve, it reduces dexterity and causes pain, certain use of it exacerbates this issue, especially swelling increases pain and reduces dexterity. However I have completed most of the content in some form or another in Warframe up until now. I failed this fight, I am out of cephalite for now and I am in more pain now than I was after 8 hour murex runs. I know of other people who play with similar or worse disabilities than me who are going to hav
  5. I have thousand of hours and have happily spend upwards of $1000 dollars but if this is the path they are going to take I literally cannot follow them.
  6. I have completed most of the content, I have a disability, this is the first bit I probably wont be able to complete. I have had 3 attempts, and I am in more pain in my hand and arm than I got doing 8 hours of Murex. I am not happy with DE at all at this stage.
  7. Hmmm... having gone back, I think with my munted hand this is going to be the first bit of content in Warframe I can't complete... time for a lot of alcohol and opiates...
  8. As soon as I entered the arena and he popped up in the middle I knew this was something I didn't want to do... I was right, if I wanted to play something like this there are dozen of games that do it better and I don't play any of them. i can't say I am disappointed because I never let myself get hyped, but somehow sill managed to shoot below my very much lowered expectations. How long do I have to finish this? I want the rewards but totally uninspired to go back and finish it.
  9. Well it says its claimed, and waited an hour to check the items have not arrived yet... I will check again tomorrow, then will probably have to put in a support ticket, which is another re-occurring issue I have had. All round frustrating...
  10. Its not even silent towards the fish though... It may even be worse than the standard spear, not sure yet...
  11. Also the occasional spawn issue in the voids, where you simply don't get enough mobs to finish, you kill everything pick up all the time crystals that appear but still fail... never fixed... also happens to make the grind longer... funny that.
  12. This is so frustrating, I swear I am going to get have a heart attack when DE produces some content or actually fix something so it simply works. Though I don't think the issue was intended I do think its convenient to leave to extend content and grind... if you missions fail 50% of the time it will take twice as long...
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