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  1. we only have 3, while there are a plethora of sprint speed boosting abilities and mods. sliding is the most interesting way you can do to gain speed in this game. like for example, why isn't Nezha's firewalker a -25% friction +25% slide to compliment his passive? why is infested mobility a sprint speed buff, but there isn't a slide and friction reduction buff?
  2. Previously Razorwing blitz gave Titania insane flight speed no matter what your movement toggle mode was You had no control over her in tight tilesets, and you couldn't make use of the fire rate or abilities because of how uncontrollable it was, she was too fast for her own good! But now you added a toggle system where you have the ability to either use the speed or don't That's amazing, i haven't played for a while so i don't know when did you add this But Titania now is superb. Fastest warframe in the game Good DPS Good survivability. Thanks
  3. I'm not an expert on how actual guns work, but these things on mesa's arms always intrigued me. Like where's the handle? I noticed that the hammer is equipped on her thumb so when she does a literal handgun pose with her regulators, she can shoot the bullet by moving her thumb right into the button located on the butt of the regulators. That's cool, very cool But does she shoot lasers though? Cus i don't see any magazine? So confusing.
  4. this is brilliant! from the saggy pants to the cd player attached to the arms it's not just styled after yu gi it's like some kind of 80 or 70's rockstar love it :)
  5. Ok so i just tested it, and you're right, he does maintain size and damage even after enemies are dead No wonder it's energy drain increases rapidly, it prevents you from staying there for long I think this is a misconception about Pulverize that i learned from a youtuber who kept trying to not kill enemies from the inside so he won't loose damage. But now that that's out of the way. All i that i need is this:
  6. that's exactly my question...all it can do outside of hacking machines, is an emp pulse or summon their own machines. maybe work like mirage's sleight of hands?
  7. no i don't think it's a bug, it's damage is based on enemy inside, you have 0 enemies then the damage goes back to nothing. Pulverize is fighting itself in my opinion, it kills enemies inside so fast, yet it can't effectively kill enemies outside without proper expensive set up, and then there is an energy drain which i don't mind, but with all these constraints, it becomes a huge problem
  8. we lost this potential Warframe to xaku, in the last community made vote, which was pretty disappointing considering how mediocre xaku truned out (subjective, don't kill me) Will this warframe ever get made? if so what type of Design did you have in mind for it? how can a hacker warframe damage enemies? if he can even touch them with his abilities at all?
  9. i once suggested a lich Warframe that can copy the abilities of his progenitor by equipping it's helmet on his shoulders. i got called stupid, dumb and got harassed for the next few minutes after...that's why i will never use reddit for warfarme ever again
  10. so grendel's pulverize gains increased scaling damage when you have up to 10 enemies in your stomach, my Problem is that enemies inside his stomach die too quickly from jumping sometimes they be getting one shotted, which causes me to loose all the damage and be forced to get out of Pulverize in no time Solution: Pulverize will not loose it's size and damage when enemies die inside, this will extend the playtime of this ability. this is only one of the big problems that pulverize has.
  11. nice! apologize for my ignorance and false definition of redline, Engines and cars aren't really my field of science!
  12. You would be surprised with the amount of people that would say "ugh he just got buffed man! You suck" Or something like that :D also i haven't been playing a lot of Warframe in 2020 to care about making a thread about a frame
  13. Didn't say he's the worst per se. But i just don't feel the rush that i felt before when playing him Is it my fault for wanting more difficulty? What do you think?
  14. Nice! my threads got merged Sorry mods, i didn't mean to make double threads on the same topic :) apologise
  15. Umm, i didn't make a post saying that left the game, i said that i took a break from it, and though why ask this? what kind of law forbids going back to a game that you used to love and play?
  16. So The problem with gauss is how boring he is now, he doesn't require any sort of effort to maintain and enhance the battery, and that's all because of that overbuff you gave him. i called it, my fears were correct. So this is a few nerfs for his battery management on KP and redline increase battery drain from damage by 20% Decrease redline gain by 20% and increase passive redline battery drain by 20% did you notice what i did? I picked up the three main Gauss buffs way back that made him dumb and boring, and made the buffs go from 33% on all three to
  17. I play mmos excessively, so i think i'll have absolutely no problems with ability cooldowns, in fact it's a lot better to me than being out of juice, or having to stand there hoping for enemies to hit me so i can build up energy
  18. Am i the only human being who finds beauty in imperfections? Lavos looks ugly but that's what i love about him, his disfigured and abnormal body structure with the sankes too is what makes him unique it's why i main Grendel, and it's the exact opposite reason why i main gauss too lol
  19. listen guys, i don't like Vexx anymore than you do, but nitpicking on the guy's grammar is just not cool, we all make mistakes!
  20. Why do you have to make it harder for me ;-; i used to be a gauss junky you know. but i realized the hard truth after the overbuff :(
  21. Well i am of course referring to the many youtube videos about gauss and volt racing, not the ones where gauss gets help from 8 different players though. It's really sad that at the end of the day, Gauss isn't really efficient at what he's designed to do
  22. Oh i knew about this too. But i used it to multiply Tailwind's damage because i'm weird. Simply do everything that @Birdframe_Prime said except when you finally group them up, Keep dive bomb them with target fixation, you'll also get some interesting results (probably more surprising results since tailwind is considered weak)
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