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  1. Or better yet, just add lull on your nova speed build. want speed? cast 4 want slow? cast lull
  2. I'll keep on using this build until i find difficulty. I hate switching builds.
  3. Hi i'm OP, i just came here to say i completely support this. Also excuse me if the OP title's a bit exaggerating, i just think it improves Wisp's utility especially for Console players. But there are indeed better augments like Razorwing blitz, completely obliterating all competition and turned Titania into an S tier speed frame, but that wasn't my point. My point was we don't actually need augments that "obliterate all competition", just ones that either improve or open up new build possibilities. That's all, ok bye.
  4. I made a Nova build called "Made in heaven" (yes i'm all about that Jojo life)...it's a 240% duration 10% strength, 130% efficiency and 175% range. (I love my numbers to have 0's and 5's in the end, it's like my lucky charm.) The range and efficiency so i can speed run most missions with Wormhole. i've been trying to run missions where a speed nova wouldn't work on paper like Disruption or tyl regor boss...and it turned out to be a LOT faster with a speed build. On disruption it sped up the Conduit which made me track it and hear it's beeping much easier. Tyl tegor accelera
  5. Allow Protea to accelerate her rolling dash distance and her movement speed. the far away you are from the anchor, the FASTER your movement speed is and the LONGER your special roll is. This should scale indefinitely, as you already have the anchor timer limiting that scale. just gives us Tracer, DE, just do it.
  6. any idea how to fix this? or should i just wait?
  7. How do i fix this problem? i'm on PS4 and most answers i've found are for PC users.
  8. introduction: Explosives are the worst invention in history, but in Warframe, they're the most valuable tool in the game... Passive: Blast procs applied on enemies last 50% longer and blast damage deal 25% extra damage, enemies with a blast proc emit a radial 6m wave that knock down nearby enemies whenever they get hit. wave range increases with each subsequent procs. First ability(Explosive charge): aim at a target and press to Charge a target's body with highly volatile energy. can charge up to 3 targets. Hold to trigger the charge and the target will explode dealing 300 dam
  9. I guess that's a fair point. I run solo most of the time and don't mind shock. I guess the point to be taken here is that this mod is perfect for my own playstyle. But everyone else hates it 🤷‍♂️
  10. I guess i should've just said that from the get go without looking like i'm overselling it. No turning back now...
  11. the ability is not why i use Wisp, but it's a no brainer for me to just dump 300% power strength + empower instead of sol + energy conversion and this mod the highlight of this mod for me is i can easily stack empower and energy conversion on one fused mote. i probably should've added more explanation on to why i consider this mod to be "the best mod.." it isn't because i think it's at the level of accumulative whipclaw, it's because it isn't, and at the same it isn't as useless as say catalysmic continuum. it's ok usable for a an exilus, and that's the best thing you ca
  12. that's not how augment mods work friend, most of them anyway, not everything needs to be extremely OP as you've described it that's just how players think or want Augments to be...it's ok, because players want everything to be overpowered. but in reality, augment mods are whatever DE want them to be. an augment should "augment" the ability not become an unseparated part of it.
  13. it's ok, i understand where you're coming from. i guess i needed something that would prevent me from casting all three reservoirs everytime while moving in non defense missions. but i found an augment that did that, and made it easier for me to stack empower and energy conversion for maximum buffs, along with other perks. the mod does one thing that has multiple different results. what would be the perfect mod to you?
  14. well that's exactly why it's the best mod to ever exist, it's not a staple must have like Accumulating Whipclaw...but at the same time, when you do use it, it improves your ability significantly. It's a good example of what augments should be, they exist to augment the ability not be a niche situational addition, and not too important that you can't finish your build without it.
  15. What's wrong with the health of the game though? it's been the same for 8 years. as for the mod, i'm not going to argue with your choices of exilus mods on Wisp, it's your build after all, but what i'm trying to say is: it cuts down so much effort and compresses so much time wasted trying to cast these reservoirs, and it's an exilus, like...people have been asking for good augment mods to be exilus for years, and it's here and they still complain?
  16. it saves up the energy cost of the last reservoir cast. for example: if each reservoir cost 10 energy, then you'd have to loose 30 energy every time you cast all three. fused reservoir just makes you loose 20 instead. hope i managed to explain...
  17. This mod is absolutely amazing i'm on PS4 (mod is not here yet) and i already know how good it is. here's why it's good: 1> it significantly cuts down casting time 2>it effectively reduces cost of all three reservoirs 3>it makes Wisp more mobile (previously i had to stop mid mission so i can cast all three buffs again and move on, but now i can cast the fused one on the fly) 4> synergizes very well with energy conversion...instead of running around looking for an energy orb for each reservoir cast, now you only need one. and on top of all that, ha ha
  18. Fan concepts Vexx, nobody wants to see your fanfiction here.
  19. Me being a jojo fan and seeing the way the stats are showcased: STANDO POWAH! i'm only reviving this thread because i find the theme interesting. i would definitely like a Warframe with literally infinite speed, by accelerating the flow of time... or compress time so actions that would take minutes pass in seconds we have Temporal anchor so that's out of the table...and we have time stop on Rhino and Limbo
  20. yeah i'm sorry, i got that when i read your question a second time, edited the reply too 😁 maybe a negative stat in the mod? instead of that OP +30% power duration i added, it gives negative duration?
  21. seriously guys, am i that incomprehensible? the idea of mine isn't nerfing anything...it's the same old ability with the same old effect against enemy factions and npcs. but the added benefit is that allies get primed to use it's speed buff without getting damage vulnerability. how hard is that to understand 😐 nevermind, i got the question lol. i don't know how i would nerf it, maybe a negative stat would balance it
  22. again, you didn't really read the post correctly. let me help: You have to mod for negative duration no matter what, for this to work...at least that's how i imagine it can go. you can do it in a different way like Hold to prime allies for speed for example
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