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  1. I was eagerly Waiting to mod Merulina, giving it the K-drive score multipliers mod and all the speed and jump mods for maximum unmatched mobility. there was also a mod that grants you energy while K-driving i can't remember the exact wording. but a lot of utility and a lot of improvement for the Warframe. i didn't care about the rest of her abilities, i just wanted to mod the K-drive. that's very disappointing (as usual with DE) that i can't mod it. there is just a lot of potential with these mods that you can't even access? Why? I understand the Merulina is different, it's faster, jumps higher and has new moves, but what if i don't want to put more speed at all? what if i do? why restrict and prevent me from having this choice?
  2. i use Stropha, to be honest, Stropha is my go to weapon for every content, it solves so many problems that it became mandatory for me. in the case of stacking damage on your minion, press the mind control button then immediately heavy attack the target, 3 heavy attacks will get you to 2k+ very easily
  3. i know right? for me i'd want to replace Absorb to something else, but maybe some people still find Assimilate mandatory for survivability. i'd also wish for a new Passive, since you really can't feel like she has a passive at all. her old passive was honestly more apparent and it happened more often
  4. Well in terms of just Damage, My mind control minion deals enough damage with Mind freak and stacking up to 2k+ damage multiplier on it, it's the DPS or frequency of attack that's lacking. I Think what people forget about when using this ability, is to actually choose the type of enemy you want to convert, you can't just choose a butcher and expect mad Room wipe. you just have to choose the perfect candidate, you have to.
  5. can you please provide me with more context on how you want an invincible minion that doesn't take damage absorb 100% damage taken from Nyx making her invincible? i don't think we need more Damage reduction on Warframes, i'm sick and tired of damage reduction abilities, i'm tankful Nyx doesn't have any, and she's more of a high risk character, with tactical initiatives in battle if you're having that much trouble in steel path, then just use assimilate, but use it wisely because enemy fire eats your energy up in seconds, use it in short bursts of defense, take care of shield invincible frames, and use a melee stance with high mobility for transport during Assimilate.
  6. well the idea i had in mind was a stealth version of Astral projection, where he can't be touched or seen, he can roam around in his Astral form as he pleases but he can't interact with anything. However he can materialize his body at his Astral form's location when he comes near 3 or more enemies.
  7. so, i think from the replies here that we can all agree even if merging SoTD and Desecrate together is a bad idea, Desecrate itself is an ability that requires another function, just something else to make it active or active/passive hybrid.
  8. i don't hate nekros because he doesn't deal damage, quite the contrary, i LOVE warframes that have utility/gimmicks/support abilities that don't do damage or aren't straight up damage reduction. However, i compared Desecrate to all other looting abilities, and noticed that all of them do something else besides looting. (with their loot augments if they have one) tentacle swarm: CC and some damage Strangledom: CC and damage Petrify: CC and scans enemies Prowl: Invisibility, headshot multiplier. all Desecrate does is looting, it's also a passive just the cast time then forget it. shouldn't it do something else? MAYBE merge Shadow of the Dead and desecrate together and make a new ability for nekros? i don't know, like Astral projection or something like it
  9. i'm really happy you guys are liking these synergy buff ideas. the main point is to have full control of your mind control target, and manage how you want them to behave. you can plant your mind control target in place and become a defensive bodyguard. or make it follow your weakened enemies. you can control it's speed, as i'm fully aware that a high speed Ai is a lot more efficient than a smart one. (from testing mind control with Speed nova :D)
  10. Nyx is always a breath of fresh air for me, she's not durable nor strong, she doesn't deal direct damage, she has a gimmick ability, and a CC that doesn't really guarantee to stop enemies from targeting her. her only survivability tool is the assimilate augment, but it comes at a hefty cost of limited mobility, and high energy consumption when taking heavy damage. despite all this, she works wonders in sorties, steel path and pretty much anywhere. Her gimmicky tools work which creates satisfying gameplay moments, even Mind Control... Mind control's potential comes from the player himself, you just have to use the right target for the right job, either an ancient to protect objectives and yourself, a Corrupted corpus unit to kill people with their high spread shotguns, gunners work too, bombards are the most effective if you really want your target to focus on damage. the Problem with Mind control is the enemy Ai (Obviously) not their intelligence nor damage, but their speed and priorities, they don't follow you like specters do, they always out and about staring at the abyss, waiting to get alerted again, they might follow you if you get too far away, but that doesn't always happen. their attack speed is really slow, not enough to count on them. I just wish we had some changes to it, i don't know if they'll ever tweak her again. changes like: Enemies affected by psychic bolts become priority targets for Nyx's mind control minion. if you Mind control an enemy affected by Chaos, they become 100% faster. if you Mind control an enemy affected by psychic bolts, they will not move but only shoot. enemies that are affected by Chaos AND Psychic bolts won't move but shoot and attack 100% faster.
  11. I keep watching the old, OLD Limbo trailer from time to time and cry internally at how beautiful the rift visuals were. they looked dynamic, like a classic black and white movie being played with all the weird effects on the screen from the camera. please bring it back, make it an option to turn it on or off depending on the player's preference. today, Limbo's animations are dull and unnoticeable, i sometimes forget that i am actually in the rift, the way the rift outlines are also VERY small, i can't see them on my allies or enemies when they're moving all the time. look This is what the rift plane used to look like: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Rift_Plane?file=Rift01.png now this is a 2 year old reddit post (not me) also complaining about how the rift is unnoticeable: NOW i'm not saying it should look like this, but do you see how much Apex distinguishes Wraith's getting into the void to normal world?
  12. guess what, the entire game consists of 90% trash mobs, 10% bosses with invincible frames
  13. because that fun is overshadowing other's fun, why would you bring a sniper rifle in a squad, when everyone uses explosives? it's also weakening my options in solo play, why would i use high accuracy weapons, that require good aiming, when the only way to get the job done is to use big damage explosive weapons? there is a very weird balance issue in that area
  14. i once had hopes for self damage to comeback as it limits our careless exploits of explosive weaponry, it also could've had potential for a warframe that feeds off of damage to fuel his abilities (like chroma but interesting). but the more i play the more i notice the EXTREME increase in the blast radius of some weapons, exceeding 8 meters, it's kind of sad. not only that, everyone and their grandma must have a rocket launcher in their arsenal, even non explosive guns like tetra (one of my favorite ricocheting weapons) now has an alterante fire mode with it's Tenet vairant, making the idea of enjoying the ricochet mechanics of the tetra bullets pointless. it's just too much, too quickly, what's the use of headshots and snipers now? What do you think? what's your opinion on this?
  15. i don't understand how this is a problem considering current switch teleport already make you face the direction the target enemy was facing, i just don't get the big suffering in that. when did 360 degree shields ever affected stealth gameplay? and why is this considered a big problem? i don't know man, i feel some nitpicking here to be honest with you.
  16. friend, if you're being serious, i meant how i imagine the fighting style. sure Ash does this, but this is not really how it is. i meant using your decoy that supposedly made for drawing aggro to ambush ads and hit multiple people from different angles
  17. well, i think the "worse" part in my idea is the fact that you can't cast decoy from range and switch teleport with it for mobility. i removed Loki's strongest mobility tool, which is why i said he needs a new third ability. what i offered is something akin to Bilocation for Loki, with instant or zero cast time, and you don't even need to aim the decoy to switch with it. i don't know if you can imagine it or not but this part: is very important and unique, you can set up a finisher on one enemy, then switch positions with decoy to do something else. you can lockdown two positions at once, shoot from different directions, CQC like some Albert Wesker type combat, switching back and fourth between you and the decoy, escape Lich grabs, etc etc. the list goes on infinitely. so in my opinion, i don't think it's worse or anything, just different.
  18. with this new Decoy, savior decoy and safeguard switch don't exist anymore. also i added this invulnerability phase and new passive because i wish with all my heart that invisibility gets scrapped and changed into something else entirely.
  19. The thing i love about loki is that for the longest time, he's the best warframe to ever work without direct damage abilities or power strength, it has benefitted the way we build him immensely. i won't touch Disarm and invisibility, even though, i absolutely hate them both. PASSIVE- enemy detection radius is 50% shorter, and they react 30% slower to Loki's presence. 1-Holographic Decoy- Project a holographic decoy at your position that imitates and pauses at the last action performed, the Decoy will stay that way until it gets destroyed or you press the ability again to switch positions with it, where the action the Decoy is paused at will then be completed, any action like rolling, sliding, melee, whatever, will continue once you switch, with no loss in momentum. when Loki switches with decoy he gains 2 seconds of invulnerability, this cannot happen again unless two seconds pass after the invulnerability phase. Hold the ability to dismiss the Decoy. this new unique effect , allows Loki to be in two places at once, and do two things at the same time, the teleportation is instantaneous, with 0 cast time, and with limitless range, he can protect two excavators at the same time, set up a Decoy fixed at a melee attack position at specific areas to ambush enemies when switching, escape tight situations, and attack from two different places, with this new Decoy mechanic the possibilities are literally limited by your imagination Augment-Precision Optics: Loki gets +60% accuracy and -60% recoil while the decoy is deployed. The downside is that Loki now can't cast his Decoy from range, and switch teleport with it for mobility, and he can't switch teleport with people. However since i meshed Switch teleport and decoy together, there should be a new ability that occupies the Third ability slot.
  20. Yaaaay, congrats to all fellow Egyptian Tenno out there, you can finally play with squads!!!
  21. i literally cannot play this game right now, can't believe how important multiplayer is for me in this game, i spend most of my time trading and on hydron.
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