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  1. "we had created monsters we couldn't control..."
  2. that's because all you think about is damage, you need to change your playstyle, not everything is a saryn or an inaros,melee is already OP with the likes of condition overload why would we ever need another damage buff for melee?
  3. yes but would you rather have every enemy displaced somewhere far on the map, or right on your feet? go test the skiajati slam attack, and then other weapon's slam attack and you'll see what i mean
  4. the devil trigger mechanic that DE's thinking about, one thing for sure it should NOT increase the stats of current melee weapon we have rivens and mods for these the devil trigger should be mainly for utility something that helps both your melee and warframe, i repeat DEVIL TRIGGER MECHANIC SHOULD BE UTILITY ONLY it should do stuff like: drains 5 hits from your melee combo counter to regenerate 1 energy provide lifesteal new passives that changes how the weapon usually works CC teleportation finisher? buff warframe stats faction specific debuffs etc etc...
  5. slam attacks are very annoying now... all slam attacks do annoying ragdolls now, except some that are useful like skiajat's, it knockdowns enemies and opens them up for ground finishers, request: remove ragdoll effects from melee
  6. no nononono do you have any idea how HORRIBLE reflected damage is in warframe? no matter how much you amplify it npcs just can't kill themselves also this 3 augment sounds clunky to having to frequently aim for a target just deal % damage instead of just shooting them i already suggested offensive augments for him and they're very practical his 1 gives him melee damage on each dodge his 2 gives him extra finisher damage and his 4 is ...well...slashing
  7. it's sad that DE always tweaks every frame right after release and feedback but they've yet to lay a hand on baruuk 😞
  8. i knew you'd say that...tbh i made this whole post for this augment alone i didn't make this augment a reason to buff serene storm, because melee 3.o already buffs it using condition overload and a high status primary, also how easy you can build your combo counter using finishers, i made this augment primarily to add more usage for restraint meter, and because i love slash procs lol
  9. instant regret: "bursting hands" sounds really wrong XD but you get what the mod can do
  10. it took me a while to accept baruuk's kit, through many gameplays and testing i've finally managed to make him stand out from your usual exalted melee warframes and also managed to stop comparing him to excalibur, especially after melee 2.999 made condition overload more efficient on every and any melee weapon,i only use baruuk now BUT i need more content for him so here's me suggesting creative augment ideas for my monk boi: starting from his 4 4.slashing storm: converts a percentage of serene storm's damage to slash based on your depleted restraint and adds +20 base status chance(unaffected by any mods) mod description: for example if your restraint at 50% the mod will convert 50% of serene's storm damage to slash, and of it's at 0% (completely depleted) it's going to convert 100% of the damage this mod adds more mechanics to the restraint meter just because there's not enough to do when you loose all of it except to activate your 4 and gain DR. the status chance boost allows for more creative status builds...since your damage distribution is constantly changing while serene storm is active, at 0% restraint you'll do 100% slash, having all 60 60 mods to gain 100% status will help you deal amazing slash procs, or be a normal 100% status weapon when your damage is converted to the original damage types as you slowly gain your restraint back. 3.bursting hands: inflicts blast damage upon disarming enemies. 2.lulling finish:adds 300% extra finisher damage. 1.cunning elude:each damage dodged increases barruk's melee damage by 30% for 10 seconds. description: barruk's elude while useful, it consumes too many energy and works 20% of the time because the other 80% i'm shooting enemies but now not only it's a way to farm restraint it is also a way to be useful even when it's not working. give me your opinions on these concept mods or ideas to change them or new ones
  11. maybe give fireball or accelerant the ability to light her self up to activate her passive? why haven't anybody thought of that 🙄, and also maybe instead of dealing damage constant fireball casts on an enemy will cause them to overheat, overheated enemies take additional damage from world on fire (can stack indefinitely btw, like how gara's splinter storm stack forever) so basically if you want to play ember, just play gara... edit:but seriously i think this is a small fix but somewhat useable?
  12. it's ok, i thought i'd see someone who would be on the opposite side of the conversation the reason her ult was changed was because it looked dull and lazy and too much like revenant's 4 second, the warframe is not for everybody...she's exactly like banshee a high risk high reward warframe that requires a lot of movement to survive, but unlike banshee she has a bit of defense in her kit, now how many people use banshee or banshee prime? very few even though she's one of the best damage dealing and support warframes i love garuda because she's a self sustaining warframe, very capable on high levles, yes she requires a lot set ups and synergies, but it's very rewarding, she's also one of the few warframe who makes every weapon viable and deadly tbh she's the best new warframe released in 2018
  13. so everyone thought she was a spirit warframe because of how she looks, DE said that she's warframe that can open portals to summon monsters and energy from other dimensions her kit showcased in the devstream express nothing about that, so this post-that will probably get ignored anyway- will help throw more suggestions to stick with her theme, a portal caster now i'm not worried about whether wisp will be strong or not, i'm just worried that she'll have an identity crisis, like revenant i want her first ability to act as 3 portals options offense: wisp opens up a portal that summons a ghostly tentacle blob with very high health pool that moves forward in the direction you were aiming...you shoot the blob and he'll launch high damage tentacles that seek out enemies, the base damage of the tentacles are 2 times the base damage of your weapon fire, defense:wisp opens a portal to summon a wraith with low health pool that brings all enemy aggro, if the wraith takes high damage he will launch a radial blind and disappear support:wisp opens a portal to the void, the portal attracts all incoming damage projectiles and release a healing overtime buff based on the damage of the projectile something like that... regarding her other abilities, i have no huge problem with them, all i want is consistency with warframe themes
  14. 2 things serene storm wave hits adds to the combo counter removes all ragdolls from the game just need these 2 changes and i'm happy i don't even need a damage buff of his 4 did you guys know that in recent patch the waves are effected by combo multiplier? but there's absolutely NO way of building it because the waves don't add to the combo counter and direct attacks with fists sends enemies flying away they buffed something that wouldn't work otherwise. before, baruuk was acceptable but now with melee 3.9999 i can't stand him, and i can't stand anymore inconsistency with DE.
  15. we all thought it was a ghost warframe, but she's not, in the devstream they said that she can open portals to summon monsters from her wisp dimension, and i was immediately interested, yet non of her powers have anything to do with portals i thought she was going to be a summoner warframe i thought her abilities might look like valeria from spacelords, she can open a portal that summons monsters and beams to help her kill her enemies. another warframe with an identity crisis i guess 😕 i'll pass
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