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  1. Two Catabolyst issues In game Catabolyst grenade when reloading can be exploited to be continuously used. Reproduction is done by rolling while reloading, or reloading close to an enemy so youbare hit with knockback. Expected is to allow ammo grenade to be thrown once. Observed is the ammo grenage is thrown, but reloading is interupted. Reload never happens, and can be triggered again, throwing the grenade again. This can be done infinately. Reproduction rate 100% Ui Bug Kuva Nukor Riven can be added to Catabolyst when modded from a crewmembers arsenal.
  2. That's a great idea actually!
  3. I'll state I'm also unhappy about it. I wanted two different Forma options, and wasted standing on a second frame for that reason. (I'm the two Titania poster.) If they would let up have different Formas based on loadout like we can heleminth, that would be even better.
  4. Ant chance this eliminates the Live requirement?
  5. I got the Octavia quest from Suda, and got all the components, but had trouble with the last battle. I finally finished the last battle today, and when I went to look, I lost chassis and neuroptics. I still have systems, which I couldn't start since I needed Kuva. I have logged out and back in, and it is also showing missing on the warframe app on my phone. EDIT: I think the bug was that I had the parts blueprints there in the first place. While I have run the missions for two of them, I have not run the mission for the other. I had assumed they had all come because of the start of the qu
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