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  1. auto-block kills me more than it helps me, since it both disrupts combos and when you're channeling it consumes energy (even in hysteria, which gets no benefit from blocking whatsoever). ragdoll force on melee attacks has gotten too excessive. not having manual melee aim glide sucks, but AUTOBLOCK IN THE AIR TRIGGERING AIM GLIDE SUCKS WORSE! Why? the dozens of times it triggers and I land out of bounds, losing any buffs I have active at the worst possible times. Out of the melee changes, I only see the aimable slams as a good thing, the rest is horrible. If they wanted faster weapon switching, they could have reduced the holster time significantly, that would have done the job without making melee a pain to use. Also, there's a reason people used quick melee: a lot of stances are badly made, and they also slow you down significantly, making you look and feel clumsy. Need I also mention brutal tide and those like it? Unusable. My problems are summarized as a loss of overall control, flow, and flexibility...and by extension, enjoyment. DreadWarlock: Go back and re-read the 41 pages again. there's plenty of reasons for many of us to be upset. Especially with a lack of DE response on their own feedback thread.
  2. Problem with that one, Ham, is that a lot of weapons have default stances that -are- from among the stance mods available to us. broken war is vengeful revenant, tatsu is wise razor, etc.
  3. Auto switch with no option to disable it, auto block with no option to disable it, no option to switch to melee without attacking. this 'flow' patch reduces the actual flow of combat. then throw in valkyr's issue and any other exalted. it's disappointing, frustrating, and disheartening to see that some of it still isn't being addressed. Give us an option to disable the auto stuff (one for each), and revert the change to the switch weapon keybind. we already HAD a keybind for explicitly switching guns, now they're nearly identical. Also, why doesn't reactivating the arch-wing launcher get us out of arch-wing yet? I finally found a way out of it without attacking (melee switch and aim glide), then you guys removed even that.
  4. rank 8 transient fortitude (+45), rank 10 umbral intensify+vitality (+55). 200% power strength exactly. seeking talons displays 100% chance. works as such also.
  5. I'm probably in the minority, but I'd rather see fixes to some systems...instead of new content. For the most part. When you have sprint toggled on, it doesn't work properly with toggled crouch...sometimes you can bullet jump when moving, sometimes you can't. It's unreliable, which is the main problem I have with it. Pet pathing needs some fixing, especially for moas with the security override precept. Far too often, my smeeta will get stuck running circles in a tight corridor or trying to jump up a ledge and missing, instead of chasing me. Quite often, any of my pets will simply...stop following. As for the moa, sometimes it'll try pathing all the way back to the start of a spy vault, instead of going to the computer. That's assuming it moves at all, since some of the time...it simply stays put, about 8 meters away from me and the console. Can we also get a "recall pet" keybind that triggers the auto-teleport? Also, can we get a kubrodon skin for kubrows please? The Business would be an ideal merchant for it. Sentinels need link mods to help with the fact they're so squishy at (much) higher levels. Even with all the defensive mods and some regen mods, they pop way too much. Sometimes all it takes is one stray shot... Last on my list for now: Melee prowess, Sure Shot, Rifle Aptitude are still +15% status chance at max rank. Shotgun Savvy is +30%. Please buff them to +60%. They'll be inferior to dual stat mods on status chance, but finally be worth considering on some builds.
  6. Also, reminder: heavy weapons, which display in vehicle loadouts, are still tied to warframe loadouts.
  7. Nerf corrosive projection to 18%! Seriously.
  8. So...a few things that need touching up on: heavy weapons are still tied to warframe loadouts, not vehicle loadouts. clunky gear wheel still needs INSERT and SWAP Tranq gun sucks. make the damn thing silent and hitscan. fortuna mining laser is superior, and takes much less effort than the other 3 to obtain. Titania's tribute has lousy range still, and some of the effects use worthless mechanics (damage reflect, lookin at you specifically) and to the guy wanting archguns to be secondaries: dream on. If anything, they would be primaries.
  9. So, in addition to the unskippable cutscenes (and inability to simply BLOCK all the annoying cutscenes in the game, like fishing ones), the spider bugging out, and all the other bugs, I've one other thing to add. Did you know that the heavy weapon is not actually tied to vehicle loadouts, but instead warframe loadouts? Yeah...that's how it is.
  10. Just a reminder of the more important points of my post on the previous thread (priorities in bold😞 Since I didn't see it in the change notes: On the find 4 agents segment of Vox Solaris: If the timer reaches zero the mission stalls and you have to abort, as the lift is disabled. We still can't insert items into the gear wheel. Attempting to add items to the gear wheel that cannot be added removes the previous item. We still can't switch out mining lasers properly. We still can't disable fishing cutscenes. Sentinel rivens still need to be added as their own separate riven type, or magically convert into regular weapon rivens, otherwise they'll be a disgustingly expensive market of exclusive items. I'm still getting blinded by Sense Danger See the whole list: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1025679-fortuna-update-240/?do=findComment&comment=10293381
  11. My issues thus far (with priorities in bold😞 overall optimization game is running worse than ever for me, gpu usage going way higher than it was before. shading rework: had a major negative effect on abilities like the kavat Sense Danger mod. with it, the the effect on enemies is glaring to the point of blinding. I can't SEE anything when it triggers. orb vallis' optimization: it's worse than the plains. much worse. vox solaris: the find 4 agents segment: i'm sure you're seeing plenty regarding this. the timer counts down, if it hits zero the mission stalls and you have to abort, giving up any loot thus far. quest reward mail: no notice of receiving it. Gear/wheel: cannot slot the sunpoint plasma drill if any nosam lasers are in the gear wheel, even if you're trying to replace one with it. Attempting to add items that cannot be added removes the previous item. CANNOT INSERT ITEMS. can only append or replace. pain in the butt with the above. I had to reorganize AGAIN. not pleased. also, the fact it's a stack. Can we just have fixed-size pages instead? It'd be better. Then we just stick useless key items like apothics, dragon keys or ciphers on the end. cannot sell excess archwing launchers. recipe still provides 50. we only need 1. gear is not changeable in dojo We still can't DISABLE fishing cutscenes. They ANNOY. pets: chargers can no longer use the Bite or Pack Leader mods. Category issue? Also, Bite...can we have it be called Vicious Streak instead? living pets still have health decay. separate it from health and give pets the +100% bonus as base, remove this as part of the decay mechanic. leave in the auto-stasis when degradation goes too far. maybe cut the time until auto-stasis in half on top of all that. base cost of dna stabilizers needs to be 10k, not 75k. why isn't this changed yet? sentinels: shade's stealth is still lousy. sentinels still have no passive HP/S mods. mods: re-add sentinel rivens as a separate riven type. avert the market disaster before it gets out of hand. melee prowess, sure shot, and rifle aptitude are still 15% status chance at max rank. shotgun savvy is 30. they need to be buffed to 60 so they're actually worth considering for anything other than dissolving. maiming strike (aka memestrike), and similar rivens, are still additive to base. make them multiplicative. corrosive projection: cut it in half already. a full squad, or three people with coaction drift, can entirely negate enemy armor in aura range, including on bosses... master thief: make it have 9 ranks or so and go from 10 to 100%, instead of a worthless 30% at 13 drain heavy cal: reduce base drain by 2 magnum force: double the damage boost. cautious shot: max rank should be 100% reduction to self-damage. items: forma: we need to be able to forma for umbral, even if it's just on excalibur umbra or skiajati. weapons: seer needs reload time and recoil cut in half miscellaneous/jokes: clem: still exists.
  12. Well, I like the damage reduction trade-off, as an idea. But...they need to make the self-damage reduction the full 100%. With a 2k damage weapon, unlucky placement (or just bad collision geometry, hint hint) will still tear your health to shreds in only a few shots for most frames. Even increasing the overall damage reduction to 30% would still be an acceptable trade-off for that. Also, YES: make it usable on ANY explosive weapon, period. Along other lines: Seeing issues still with some of the AI not respecting certain aspects of movement. Inaros' devour, as example: if you're devouring them, they can move for some reason, and will slide along the ground wherever they want. Also, Trinity's Energy Vampire: Use it on a falling enemy. they'll be standing there in the air until it wears off. Also, I can no longer view the gear wheel in the arsenal while in a dojo. Edit: And...mastery rank 18 test. the enemy sits at the bottom of the slope trying to shoot at the cryopod through the terrain.
  13. So...I went to do sanctuary onslaught with a farm group, to get Khora. Spawn in, everything seems fine. Then I noticed...my abilities are still locked. Okay, fine, maybe a zone change will fix it. Nope, didn't happen. Only dying did. DE: Please put in more checks in sanctuary onslaught's ability lock handling. It is NOT FUNNY to be unable to use abilities the entire game, nor desirable to have to DIE to fix that.
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