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  1. Kherae

    Bugged interaction between Nezha and Limbo

    abilities ignore the planes, it'd be a bug if your weapons damaged enemies across planes while speared. otherwise, working as intended.
  2. Kherae

    How about NA server actually be NA only?!

    ping isnt really the issue most of the's upload speed is the real drag...until they allow us to set limits for host upload speed, no ping limit will matter. Ever. I always get complains from people when I land as host, but the funny part is that it even happens for people in the same state. ping is fine, it's the upload speed there...0.6 Mb/s sucks. Worse, we can't CHOOSE who is host except running premade groups. speaking of, that's what you should do more, Original Poster. Pre-made groups. Side-note, I ran tridolons with my clanmates, some who live in norway and some who live in sweden, with almost no lag...region locking is definitely the wrong way to go.
  3. Kherae

    Persistent Sanctuary Pixelation

    Long story short: if you get a host migration in either sanctuary onslaughht while the pixelation effect from a portal is on screen, it persists the entire round. I was basically blind an entire round due to it.
  4. Kherae

    Matchmaker ignoring Ping Limit?

    matchmaking actually works "as intended" in that it measures ping from point A to point B, however it does come with the caveat that if the host has lousy upload speed, that the ping will be inflated greatly while in the match, and being quite spiky. I say this as someone with 0.6 Mb/s upload speed. every time I end up host, everyone complains about lag. You could limit it to 50 ms ping, but if their upload speed is bad, then you will still be laggy as hell. More players = more traffic eating up what little bandwidth is available. It sucks, but there isn't really much you can do about it until they implement a better algorithm.
  5. i've had it happen too. reason it happens is that the umbra "specter" (your warframe) is deconstructed upon falling out of bounds. All it'd take to fix it is to make umbra instead teleport to the player if that happens, or alternatively just force-kill the player and trigger a normal respawn. doubt they'll fix this though.
  6. Kherae

    Valkyr 2.0: The Berserker Revival

    I like the ripclaw's current functionality for its uniqueness.Find me another case that functions like that, letting you pull yourself to another location, or pull an enemy or ally to you. All on one frame. As for the hysteria thing...yes, 5% of too much damage is too much damage. that's the whole point of such a change. She's insanely tanky due to armor, but hysteria lets her completely ignore a very, very large amount of damage provided she manages to get out of enemy line of sight before it runs out. That is one of my main gripes with it, it being too safe. I feel they should remove -that- mechanic (taking the damage if, and only if, enemies are in range when hysteria ends) and instead just have her steadily start to take some of that stored damage, so that she can't face-tank literally an entire super high level map for a long while and just discard the damage like it was never there. Plus, since the damage stored is affected by armor on release, it actually gives reason to build armor for a hysteria build, instead of just building max efficiency and overloading on strength. Short version: Make waived damage steadily catch up to you, making lifesteal and armor more useful, and making hysteria less overpowered. Remove the "if out of line of sight, damage vanishes" part, as it's annoyingly overpowered. I like Valkyr's kit, and like how tanky she is. I don't like invulnerability that trivializes content. I also don't like making major sweeping changes. Tiny tweaks are where it's at.
  7. Kherae

    Valkyr 2.0: The Berserker Revival

    i'll be honest, I don't like most of your suggestions, OP. as she is, her 1 is useful for mobility, and aimable ranged single target crowd control. her 2 lets her and her allies attack enemies faster while greatly increasing survivability, both from increasing armor (sharing hers would be a nice change) and from the slow. her 3...yeah it needs some work, but it's still useful. opening enemies up to finishers isn't exactly trivial. Her 4 is a difficult beast to balance, i'll agree, but I wouldn't change it terribly much. What I saw about taking stored damage as the drain rate increases...not too far off, however I wouldn't have it be flat amounts. I'd have it be a percentage of the stored damage, instead. Maybe 20% of drain percentage (IE, at 100%, take 20% of stored per second, detracting from storage for the amount dealt)
  8. Kherae

    So.... About Ember...

    Ember's kit by itself is actually rather nice, it just needs some fine tuning here and there in the form of PROPER SCALING WITH MODS. As for fixing her overall lackluster feel, I feel like just a seemingly small change to burning, LETTING HEAT PROCS STACK, would buff both her, and many heat based weapons. She'd have some nice damage, partially gated behind a steady ramp-up, while keeping her plentiful crowd control and her team utility. Of course, a slight tweak to her passive would also be nice, they could let it trigger when she inflicts burning through any means. Pyromania is a thing, after all. Also, to the person saying "very seldom"...that's not quite accurate, given these: Ash (25% bleed damage + 50% duration, see 3rd paragraph on slash damage type), Banshee (innate silencer, can't hit what you can't find), Gara (chance of a radial blind for crowd control and finishers, when in light), Garuda (up to 100% outgoing damage boost at low health that functions like rhino's roar), Nidus (can build up automatic-pseudo-self-revives. also, his leveling stats which includes 15% ability strength at max rank), Inaros (healing 20% of your rather large health pool with a finisher kill), Limbo (rift. invulnerability), Octavia (decent energy regen to self and teammates on casting abilities), Saryn (25% outgoing status duration boost), Valkyr (heavy landing immunity, sizable boost to knockdown recovery), Atlas (immune to knockdown on the ground), Zephyr (floaty, thus more evasive), Mirage (25% parkour speed. zoom zoom.). Just to name a 'few'. That's 13 frames out of 38 with passives that I find are pretty solid. Giving Ember more uptime on the energy regeneration, which is self only, as well as a small amount of ability strength, would put it on this list. It still wouldn't be among the strongest ones, because the energy regen is still paused during World in Flames, but it would certainly be more accessible. Heat as "worst damage type in the game": no, that's magnetic. It is heavily penalized against alloy armor, gets a massive boost against shields and is otherwise neutral, and its proc is laughable (except against us, the players). Compare it to corrosive (no penalty to shields, can shred armor and ignores a fair amount of it as well), toxin (damage and proc both ignore shields. has no penalty against armor but some against robotic health, also gets a boost against flesh.), slash (bleeds that ignore shields and armor), radiation (tiny penalty to shields, but a major boost to alloy armor and robotic health. nice crowd control proc) and cold damage (good against both alloy armor and shields, and its proc slows enemies thus reduces their overall damage). Heat at least is useful, because panicking enemies (works against pretty much all non-bosses) do no damage, or close to none, and it gets a bonus against infested and grineer flesh. Unfortunately, DE is probably never going to touch damage types, so all I can do is dream of using magnetic to disrupt enemy targeting or making enemies burn to death almost entirely from heat procs. Oh well. And...there went a few hours or so trying to put all my thoughts in order. Yay! I wonder if anyone will even read this?
  9. fun for solo stealth play, taking a status gaze with a it pure rads, or especially corrosive. it's pretty funny to shred enemy armor completely in seconds, and set them all against each other. oh, and have you tried a gas build, with mag? hilarious.
  10. Kherae

    Catchmoon's collision boxes need a look.

    i'll be honest, I dont buy the "projectiles have big collision" thing, at all. This gun is too much a pain to use, if it had bigger collision wouldn't it be a bit less so? It feels like the projectiles are VISUALLY big, but actually have pin size collision. I also feel like the projectiles actually start 3-5 meters in front of the gun's barrel. I find that in order to hit a lot of targets, I actually have to have the reticle directly over the center of them, despite the projectiles being visually large, and I have to be at least 5 meters away or the projectile just... goes straight through them without hitting them. Combine that issue with the snap-jerk recoil and this chamber is way too frustrating to bother trying to use.
  11. Kherae

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    I'm probably in the minority, but I'd rather see fixes to some systems...instead of new content. For the most part. When you have sprint toggled on, it doesn't work properly with toggled crouch...sometimes you can bullet jump when moving, sometimes you can't. It's unreliable, which is the main problem I have with it. Pet pathing needs some fixing, especially for moas with the security override precept. Far too often, my smeeta will get stuck running circles in a tight corridor or trying to jump up a ledge and missing, instead of chasing me. Quite often, any of my pets will simply...stop following. As for the moa, sometimes it'll try pathing all the way back to the start of a spy vault, instead of going to the computer. That's assuming it moves at all, since some of the simply stays put, about 8 meters away from me and the console. Can we also get a "recall pet" keybind that triggers the auto-teleport? Also, can we get a kubrodon skin for kubrows please? The Business would be an ideal merchant for it. Sentinels need link mods to help with the fact they're so squishy at (much) higher levels. Even with all the defensive mods and some regen mods, they pop way too much. Sometimes all it takes is one stray shot... Last on my list for now: Melee prowess, Sure Shot, Rifle Aptitude are still +15% status chance at max rank. Shotgun Savvy is +30%. Please buff them to +60%. They'll be inferior to dual stat mods on status chance, but finally be worth considering on some builds.
  12. Kherae

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.5

    Also, reminder: heavy weapons, which display in vehicle loadouts, are still tied to warframe loadouts.
  13. Kherae

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.5

    Nerf corrosive projection to 18%! Seriously.
  14. Kherae

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

    So...a few things that need touching up on: heavy weapons are still tied to warframe loadouts, not vehicle loadouts. clunky gear wheel still needs INSERT and SWAP Tranq gun sucks. make the damn thing silent and hitscan. fortuna mining laser is superior, and takes much less effort than the other 3 to obtain. Titania's tribute has lousy range still, and some of the effects use worthless mechanics (damage reflect, lookin at you specifically) and to the guy wanting archguns to be secondaries: dream on. If anything, they would be primaries.
  15. Kherae

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.2

    Just a reminder of the more important points of my post on the previous thread (priorities in bold😞 Since I didn't see it in the change notes: On the find 4 agents segment of Vox Solaris: If the timer reaches zero the mission stalls and you have to abort, as the lift is disabled. We still can't insert items into the gear wheel. Attempting to add items to the gear wheel that cannot be added removes the previous item. We still can't switch out mining lasers properly. We still can't disable fishing cutscenes. Sentinel rivens still need to be added as their own separate riven type, or magically convert into regular weapon rivens, otherwise they'll be a disgustingly expensive market of exclusive items. I'm still getting blinded by Sense Danger See the whole list: