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  1. It wasn't one-shotting any of you, you were one-shotting yourselves. it has a damage reflect with obscene values.
  2. negative. it is purely a matter of you having a short window to hit the switch in
  3. not a bug. you're supposed to get its health down, then activate the switch to kill it.
  4. lack of invuln is typically from having an ability active, instead the frame has a 90% damage reduction. however, that might explain why people are losing their warframe in open world missions; the warframe can die in that state.
  5. I was with a friend in the orb vallis, playing at the temple of profit, and my friend got hit with an electric proc. He had 300 hp and died. Usually, I think nothing of it. Then I died. To a level 55 crewman, when I have 300 shields and 700 health. The shields were gone in one tick, and on the next tick so was my health. Fast forward to today, screwing around in the simulacrum with a different friend. He leaves, so I decide to tune up my Khora. The umbral build I have, with adaptation. On a whim, I spawned in a level 175 Ambulas. Fight it, as usual, then...my kavat goes down. Didn't
  6. RE: Marked for death: The double-dipping, ability of the ability to crit, etc., definitely needed to go. However, the effectiveness of the ability is very low given: It now also has an effective cap of 75% of the target enemy's current health and shields. The static, non-modifiable range of the ability (as the arsenal UI indicates) It distributes the damage as the same types dealt, and apparently (?) applies modifiers an additional time, resulting in armor and such applying twice. Counterpoint to consider: Modifiers such as viral applying. Options to address the
  7. @[DE]Megan like a lot of the changes so far. I am hoping a particular issue can be brought up with the team, because it is the kind that destroys enjoyment of the game. I'd also like to bring up the issue of necramech mod drop rates and why adding a few mods to the syndicate was a band-aid fix at best. So, first point: Since before deadlock, and even fortuna, if the squad rushes the mission start timer while I am still loading out of the last mission, it causes rather severe UI issues. A black screen that won't vanish until the queue is closed completely, as one example. This
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