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  1. gotta love how this is STILL happening...this with melee 2.9 are why i'm barely playing anymore. too frustrating.no longer an enjoyable game.
  2. it might be elsewhere too, but I was going through operator equipment and noticed when hovering over an arcane, it showed the arcane being sellable for 100 ducats.
  3. Kherae

    perma null

    Did disruption, team got a Nullifier Conduit. Went in to kill enemy, went out, was still Nullified. Conduit ended, still nullified. Was Hildryn, couldn't die, so Nullified for the whole mission. Fix please. Stupid bug present in other game modes, still not fixed yet. Stupid game-breaking bug.
  4. the 'mods owned' info on linked mods is missing. I miss it.
  5. auto-block kills me more than it helps me, since it both disrupts combos and when you're channeling it consumes energy (even in hysteria, which gets no benefit from blocking whatsoever). ragdoll force on melee attacks has gotten too excessive. not having manual melee aim glide sucks, but AUTOBLOCK IN THE AIR TRIGGERING AIM GLIDE SUCKS WORSE! Why? the dozens of times it triggers and I land out of bounds, losing any buffs I have active at the worst possible times. Out of the melee changes, I only see the aimable slams as a good thing, the rest is horrible. If they wanted faster weapon switching, they could have reduced the holster time significantly, that would have done the job without making melee a pain to use. Also, there's a reason people used quick melee: a lot of stances are badly made, and they also slow you down significantly, making you look and feel clumsy. Need I also mention brutal tide and those like it? Unusable. My problems are summarized as a loss of overall control, flow, and flexibility...and by extension, enjoyment. DreadWarlock: Go back and re-read the 41 pages again. there's plenty of reasons for many of us to be upset. Especially with a lack of DE response on their own feedback thread.
  6. numerous items are missing proper division of emissive and energy. these are just some of them: excalibur's chromatic blade augment is based on emissive color, not energy color, similar with chroma. unsure if intentional, but it is marginally annoying. (yay color blending, though) nyx's absorb takes the default secondary energy if you haven't unlocked it Nyx's absorb with 0 forma, using the blackest smoke color, is near invisible, but the rings are their usual green. with ash's bladestorm, enemies are still highlighted red. unsure if that's intended, but I think it was like that before. either way, I would like it changeable. ember prime's head fire is still based off energy color, emissive doesn't seem to do anything to her at all. loki's clones seem to inherit colors weirdly (mine are completely solid black, no transparency, with the blackest smoke color), and their chest armor is sitting between their feet. octavia's integrated mandachord parts inherit energy colors, not emissive colors. And as an aside, we still can't change energy color of our kavats, etc. Will we ever get that ability?
  7. I don't think she needs a full rework. just some touching up on: passive: Needs to list increases. Range increase needs to be increased. well: Needs to be cancelled with recast. Possibly multiple targets and cast functioning like Garuda's altars. For reference, recasting on an altar cancels it. Augment should be changed to restore energy the same way health is restored. EV: This ability needs no rework. It can be built different ways, each one valid. Augment should give shields for all remaining pulses when the target dies, instead of just one. Link: recast to refresh, like Chroma's Vex Armor, to refresh it without losing the resistance. Some more duration would be nice. Blessing: There is a window upon recast where we are vulnerable, which needs to be removed. Other points: Trinity is a versatile tank, support or even damage dealer. Outside the points mentioned in the touch-up section, Trinity is not really squishy if built right. Adaptation, link, and maxed strength blessing turn Trinity into one of the best tanks in the game, particularly since she can have infinite energy even with a high duration build. Her healing and supportive capabilities are well-known. Build for negative duration and high strength to shred targets for TRUE damage based off a percentage of their health. How many frames do we know of that do %HP true damage? I know of Trinity and Hydroid. I don't know if Garuda's pounce does true damage or not, I know it is %HP though. A Trinity with a decent Rhino roar and sufficient strength can kill enemies at any level with one cast of EV. Repair is a little bit too powerful right now. 100% HP restored per 5 seconds, or per 2.5 seconds with two equipped, to all allied warframes in 20 meters Other forms of healing have specific limitations to them or require specific modding and careful management. case-specific immunity to healing: nullier bubbles in some fringe cases. anti-afk counter-measures energy concerns: parasitic/energy leech eximii stupid teammates. multiple abilities to cast Oberon also provides status immunity Trinity, this has been covered. Gara has to keep her abilities up after getting them cast on each target. cost per target this includes oberon, and hydroid with augment. expensive ability: blessing. potency: Blessing is by far the most potent, able to heal 100% health and shields, but after a cast time, and provides up to 75% reduction for a time. Hydroid heals a lesser percentage, 30% per 1.5s Gara's augment is laughable unless considering EHP, at 3 hp/second. also, splinter storm up to 90% damage reduction. Oberon heals a modest flat amount up front and per second. 125, then 40 per second. Garuda heals a sizable percentage of Missing Health per second, 25% at base. Nidus, 20 hp/s at base, slightly more due to strength per level bonus. khora's Venari, 50 hp/s base. mend: up to full health and shields sancti magistar, funny heal based off damage, with a lot of exceptions. protective dash: 60% over 5s. 5s immunity. applies to everything. harrow's penance: however much damage he personally deals. Range Blessing (Trinity) and Penance (Harrow) are affinity range, which are better. Other abilities are not. Oberon requires teammates to be in range when he casts, not completely sure on whether it pulses after. Hydroid's augment requires you to be standing on his somewhat small pool Nidus, same as hydroid but with a slightly larger static area instead of a movable one. Garuda's altars, which are medium radius Gara's splinter storm is cast directly on targets. khora's venari has to be near allies, and has a short radius It can automatically move to heal low health allies, or be set to stay near a target. it teleports if sufficiently distant. sancti magistar: melee. protective dash: void dash range, effectively. Charging Harrow charging shields for penance Nidus builds mutation stacks to cast his 4 Equinox requires enemies to be killed in Mend's range Gara has to apply each splinter storm to a specific target first. Specific conditions to apply healing Harrow has to damage enemies to heal allies. Gara has to keep up splinter storm on targets for them to be healed, with the augment equipped. Garuda has to engage a target in melee range. Khora's Venari needs to be alive and not be bugged due to pet AI. sancti magistar: hit stuff. protective dash: hit allies with dash. targeting: Most healing abilities target every ally except defense objectives. Venari is an exception to this. Protective Dash also is an exception. Repair has very little trade-off involved. only requires you to be in void form with it equipped, in range of warframes you wish to heal. So you aren't doing damage. it does only restores health. Operator survivability, which most operator arcanes contribute to, is not an issue in void form, and you can spend a great deal of time in it. Infinite, with energy restores. Warframe survivability is also a non-issue. Elevate is RNG and dependent on latency. Nourish is objectively inferior. Repair only heals warframes, umbra and duality. Damage-increases TL;DR: Repair is objectively superior to everything we have, SPECIFICALLY regarding uptime on nominal health per time restoration on warframes. Also TL;DR: I am a cat, and I will hit you with a fish because I feel like it. (How do I fix my profile picture?)
  8. Kherae

    The New Strange

    quick question: how many nodes are you seeing on the targets you are scanning? If none, you really aren't doing it right.
  9. hi DE. you know that annoying as hell animation you love so much, when the archgun deployer is used? it is still playing in regular archwing missions every time you switch to an archgun. Can you just remove it already? Thanks...
  10. they only fixed that specific bug on mesa. everyone still gets it sometimes, somehow, just not in -that- particular way.
  11. Problem with that one, Ham, is that a lot of weapons have default stances that -are- from among the stance mods available to us. broken war is vengeful revenant, tatsu is wise razor, etc.
  12. Auto switch with no option to disable it, auto block with no option to disable it, no option to switch to melee without attacking. this 'flow' patch reduces the actual flow of combat. then throw in valkyr's issue and any other exalted. it's disappointing, frustrating, and disheartening to see that some of it still isn't being addressed. Give us an option to disable the auto stuff (one for each), and revert the change to the switch weapon keybind. we already HAD a keybind for explicitly switching guns, now they're nearly identical. Also, why doesn't reactivating the arch-wing launcher get us out of arch-wing yet? I finally found a way out of it without attacking (melee switch and aim glide), then you guys removed even that.
  13. long story short, thumper bots have been randomly despawning. engaged or not. very annoying.
  14. I'm gonna agree with what Desche said, as my entire time farming, it felt like just that. listed 10%, drops like 1% of the time. agonizing. and also, they need to remove the relics from the table completely, or otherwise make them drop recent unvault/release relics.
  15. Mesa+skiajati, had the issue while toroid farming. well, there goes my morning...I'm finding melee 2.9 is proving to be a detriment across the board. The only non-problematic change is aimable ground slams. auto-block activates aim glide (and also drains energy while channeling), switching weapons in exalted abilities doesn't deactivate energy drain but you lose any benefits like lifesteal, invulnerability, damage reductions and the like. Can't aim without switching to a ranged weapon, can't switch to melee without attacking, both of which make exalted abilities that much more awkward to work with. Then add the bug this post is about for more misery. Ugh. sidenote: @Sgt_Kabukiman there's a reason why pc is labeled as permanent open beta.
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