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  1. UPDATE: I went to the ventkids in Fortuna to buy blueprints for k-drive parts, and I discovered that the parts that had been used for the missing k-drive are now in my inventory. I'm not sure if the game just dismantled the k-drive back into its parts, but at least I don't have to farm for materials again. I swear I built the k-drive a while ago. I remember seeing 3 in my inventory the last time I swapped k-drives.
  2. I built 3 K-drives to level up for MR a while back. I finally got the second one to level 30 recently. I went from Orb Vallis back to Fortuna to equip the third one for leveling, but it was missing from my inventory. I tried going back to my orbiter, and It still wasn't there. I've restarted the game several times and it's still missing. It was unranked and using the Flatbelly board. The Profit-Taker update came out recently, so I'm not sure if that's what could have caused problems.
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