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  1. What weapons and frames do you use to kill sisters? I know about Nyx and Banshee but is there any other frames that can do good at killing those sisters?
  2. In your own opinion guys, what are the best tenet guns and melee?
  3. Is this new gunblade combo counter broken? I mean the maxed combo counter is at just 3.5x, is this how should it works or it is bugged?
  4. Who are the best frame for farming focus in eso?
  5. Oh can you explain why protea is better? So that I will know what yo do.
  6. I've been thinking if Protea is good at eso to gain focus instead of using Mesa. I already have Saryn but I already have a zenurik lens installed on her and now I'm planning to put unairus lens on Protea or Mesa. Any suggestions?
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