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  1. Who are the best frame for farming focus in eso?
  2. Oh can you explain why protea is better? So that I will know what yo do.
  3. I've been thinking if Protea is good at eso to gain focus instead of using Mesa. I already have Saryn but I already have a zenurik lens installed on her and now I'm planning to put unairus lens on Protea or Mesa. Any suggestions?
  4. Any fun warframe to play suggestions you got there guys?
  5. I just want to know your thoughts about Xaku so that I will know if they are worth putting forma into them.
  6. So after getting sevagoth, what are your thoughts about him? I just want to know your opinion about him guys. Is he good, neutral or bad?
  7. So do you think they will change it? I do not want to use sevagotg anymore because of that lol
  8. Is it only me or Sevagoth's 3rd ability drain is too much? Before the latest hot fix I was doing so well in survival steel path then suddenly they changed the energy drain mechanics of sevagoth. It is draining too much energy.
  9. Is it only me or Sevagoth's 3rd ability new drain energy mechanic is so annoying and not applicable too high level missions especially at steel path. The energy drain per enemy is insane or I'm just bad at playing him? Lol. Before latest hot fix it was so okay bringing him at steel path survival missions but now I can't last long because of the huge amount of energy drain. Is this a bug or something?
  10. I'm curious what are your opinions about Zephyr's rework.
  11. I want to know your favorite frames guys :--)
  12. Anyone knows when will be the release date of the next update?
  13. I think I am doing something wrong whenever I encounter stalker in the steel path. He always disable my abilities, how can counter that? And he also has a damage immunity which is kinda annoying even though I am shooting him with my operator's amp, i feel like I'm still doing something wrong. Any tips guys?
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