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  1. 1 hour ago, NinjaZeku said:

    At first I was confused, I thought they changed from 10 Energy per second to 7.5 max,
    but no, now it goes up to 15 ... yeah what no why DE, the ability already was super expensive argh

    Mind, I don't see how this is a bug, unless the (initial) 7.5 was also supposed to be the maximum.

    So do you think they will change it? I do not want to use sevagotg anymore because of that lol

  2. Is it only me or Sevagoth's 3rd ability new drain energy mechanic is so annoying and not applicable too high level missions especially at steel path. The energy drain per enemy is insane or I'm just bad at playing him? Lol. Before latest hot fix it was so okay bringing him at steel path survival missions but now I can't last long because of the huge amount of energy drain. Is this a bug or something?


  3. I think I am doing something wrong whenever I encounter stalker in the steel path. He always disable my abilities, how can counter that? And he also has a damage immunity which is kinda annoying even though I am shooting him with my operator's amp, i feel like I'm still doing something wrong. Any tips guys? 

  4. This bug is almost 3 weeks or longer than that to be honest, please fix this because I cannot enjoy the whole hunt if the profit taker is burning my eyes because it glows so bright whenever I use my mech's arquebex. The bright color glows depends on what energy color that you have on your mech or arquebex, please fix this, this is the second time that I am submitting a report about this. I cannot see the right element or status damage types that I need to use in order to damage the Profit taker it is now annoying me, I cannot enjoy the hunt well. Please DE notice this.

    here are the images




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