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  1. Will we get replayable Natah/Chimera prologue? The story quests are my favorite part of the game and I'd love to be able to do a straight shot replaying everything from Natah through Chimera to experience it all again. Also, an ability to rewatch the Plains of Eidolon/Fortuna intro cutscenes. Yeah I know I could just look it all up on YouTube, but it just feels different having it in the game. Thanks!
  2. Art contest, higher resolution available upon request
  3. Hello DE, I was wondering what the rules of the forum consider appropriate for "gore" fan art? Specifically, I like to draw gnarly horror art.. would it be alright to illustrate some real "John Carpenter's: The Thing" style infested creature body horror or would that be going too far? Would it be better to paste a link with no preview and a warning perhaps? This challenge seems really up my alley but I'm new to the forums/official contests and don't want to break any rules!
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