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  1. IGN: meggle
    Age: 33

    - Why do I want to join?

    I am currently MR10 and have cleared about 95% of the starchart. Until now I played mostly solo and occasionaly in open.
    While this is enjoyable in its own right I am sure this game still has a lot more to offer if played in a more coordinated manner.
    So I guess now it is time to look for a clan.
    Im interested in this clan in particular because apparently you aim to limit your membership size to some degree and I tend to prefer smaller groups.

    - Tell us about yourself.

    I live in Germany and I am a shiftworker. This means that for the forseeable future I a have to work early shifts which usually limits my activity to early evenings and weekends.
    Apart from gaming my free time usually revolves around reading and sports.

    I hope to hear from you so we can see if this works out.

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