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  1. Great progress has been made in the bug thread: Also the support ticket has been marked as 'solved' and locked, so hopefully this is fully resolved in the next patch. Head on over to the bug-thread above for more details. > This is the last time I post in this thread. Please refer to the above thread for any future updates. <
  2. Sorry for the delay... My support ticket is now marked as solved, and I cannot reply to it / comment on it any longer. I did a test run to confirm @CaitSidhe's theory : Had 6,079,533 cred before the mission. Picked up 659 cred from killing enemies. Completed the first round, all conduits: 30,000 cred. Pressed 'P' just before I exited the level to see my inventory - correctly listed 30,659 cred. Exited - Mission Success:"64,059" cred. New account balance: 6,113,366 cred. Reported gain: 64,059 = 30k + 30k + 659 + 3,400 Expected gain: 3
  3. So I did a 30min Disruption run on Neptune with a friend (and a random person). Everything went great, we exited, and the Mission Summary screen says I earned >500k cred. Yet when I exit the mission summary my total credits is only 280k. Where did that promised 500k go?? So I asked my friend to double check his cred, and sure enough the same thing had happened to him; he had not actually received the stated amount of credits, Looking closer at the Last Mission Result I noticed that the amount I was short seemed to match the 250k from Credit Caches (25*10k), leading me to conclude
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