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  1. And again, NW became a time sensitive job, and dictated how I played. It has caused me to stop playing and stop spending money towards DE. I would play for much longer per week than what NW wanted me to, if they let me play my own way without jumping through hoops. I hope they scrap it entirely before they lose too much.
  2. But that wont do anything to the current people opposed. I dont find ANYTHING special about this system - its literally a battle pass or weekly task set that so many popular games are currently running. I will not be happy with a time sensitive weekly grind in any shape at all, and am staying off the game until its fixed.
  3. Anecdotally, most people Ive talked to, while we were grinding out game modes wed rather be playing, hated it. I am here to play a grindfest game to get loot, and yes to collect a ton of stuff. Nightwave offers things I cant get otherwise, and I cant get by playing game modes I enjoy, selling the rewards for plat, and then purchasing the rewards, so yes, it does -make- me do it, if I want to participate in literally the point of the game. Unfortunately, NW pushes a time limit that I dont want to adhere to, with tasks that arent actually a challenge, nor are many of them fun. Its not wrong that you enjoy it, but it absolutely turns people off. So far I have witheld about $100ish in purchases since NW was released, and have stopped playing for the moment. Playing the way I liked to has not burned me out. Nightwave did by week 2. I hope the weekly chore system/battle pass is changed, because its a flip from what WF has always been, which is a grindfest you could do at your own time.
  4. Yeah, flat out its a time tax with a time limit, with forced game modes I probably -dont- want to play. Its a grinding game, so YES, I want the rewards. Yes, Im willing to play and grind for them. No, I dont want to be told when and how to grind, and thats the choice that was removed by adding NW. Anyone can enjoy it if they like. It doesnt mean plenty of us DONT like it, and have summarily removed their time and support from DE.
  5. I agree with all of that. NW is a pushed chore, and goes counter to the play experience that caused me to drop my first 1300 hrs in Warframe initially. With that, Im stopping WF for the moment, and I hope DE decides to move the game in a direction I enjoy again.
  6. There still isnt a challenge. Grind X hours isnt a challenge.
  7. You might want to also go to the Bugs forum section and put it in there, just to make sure it gets seen by the correct people.
  8. I want to clear something up - Nothing about NW is a challenge, its simply forced gameplay direction.
  9. Except historically is has been. Its always been a grind at your own pace game. Thats why so many are upset at NW - it changes the games entire approach.
  10. Agreed. A larger variety of tasks to complete would help shift the chore/forced gameplay feel.
  11. To this though, if I only have 1hr of gameplay a day, I'd really rather NOT use it fishing, mining, tracking animals if I otherwise dont feel like playing that game mode today. I don't want my limited game time -dictated-, and so would like extended time frame so that I can skip more of the tedious tasks currently given by NW.
  12. What are you even going on about - nothing AT ALL in Nighwave has actually been hard or a challenge in ANY WAY shape or form, and you could play any of those alt game modes any time you wanted.
  13. Yeah, taking a game whos main appeal was a grindfest that you could do on your own time, and play how you want to play, then making it have weekly timers with specific content to complete should be understandably offputting. Because you dont care that your time is dictated, doesnt mean others want their limited play time chosen for them by weekly, nonchallenging content.
  14. Bold for and cut for emphasis, this and all of this.
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