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  1. "AHH! A dragon frame! I wonder if that one guy's concept help them come up with an awesome design....WTF is this S#&$! SOme kind of Anteater. To hell with this."


    That was my reaction to when I first saw the hype. Then I saw Chroma and was immediately turned off by the fact he looks nothing like an Dragon.


    I love Dragons. It's part of my bloodline. My religion. My Heritage was founded on Dragons. Dragons are an amazing creature of existence. Their power! Their knowledge!


    They are beings of Art, Style and Destruction!


    SO I can't help feel utterly disappointed with what DE labeled as a "Dragon" Frame.

  2. Thanks



    "Fixed unresponsive black screen appearing at end of mission." 

    - please check out the possibility of it appearing IF you do the "Gift from Lotus" alert mission 2x. (Helped out a friend do it, and besides the lag i got the black screen at the end of the 2nd run)

    Yeah I get that when I come across a host with terrible net.

  3. For the quality of this game for free. Is just awesome! As long as there isn't constant weapon or power nerfing I'm still going to enjoy this game, even if it just gets harder to get the new stuff. Messing up on this kind of stuff, doesn't bother me. Just throw some hints to the Dev team to make a few Two-Handed swords. Like a long blade Musamune, or one of Muramasa's legendary Immortelle Blades.

  4. One question from me

    When can we expect to see more Two-Handed Swords?

    Seriously I like Two-Handed Swords. I see that your focusing on your design on oriental type architect but you can still make the legendary two handed Muramasa, or Masamune. Those are the two blades that come into my mind when I imagine a Sapce Ninja Warframe wielding a Two-Handed Sword.

    Well Muramasa was actually a person, but his swords were known for their beauty and strength to withstand countless battles.

  5. Make the Golem Mastery restricted instead of this tedious GRINDCEPTION.

    That would be nice. Different too. But I'm not liking the stamina regen delay. But other than the miner stuff. Every thing is awesome. I can't wait to use that Ether Scythe!

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