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  1. Archwing control changes suck. The only good thing was the auto-boost. Now, they are much too reactive/responsive, and on land, the slower mode no longer has altitude lock. I had a fun habit of using my Staticor to provide aerial bombardment support out in the Vallis. Now I constantly struggle with keeping a suitable height. And I can't roll anymore! No, I know there's a "dodge roll" button, but I can't roll manually, I can't fly a loop, I can't do a lotta things. You f-ed it up, guys! Put it back please!! Also, I press the blink button, and half the time I start going up or down, and the blink will not trigger, even though fully charged.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Y'all just so thankful to watch our DE friends, I see!
  3. Better use that crystal soon... Might decay before the stream ends...
  4. Great. Can you make Chimera replayable?
  5. No rest, for the best of the best!
  6. Can you please allow us to use the classic weapon skins on Prime weapons? Users of Silva and Aegis Prime will certainly thank you, as well as a few other primes I'm sure.
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