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  1. BTW, Argonak highlighting is indeed fixed! Thanks DE!
  2. This is serious! Looks like she blew a flat! Call the plastid surgeon! We need 20,000 CCs of silicone, STAT!!
  3. Wow! They fixed argonak??? I gotta try this! Can't wait to get back in game!
  4. Same here, but I don't mind that because I use the LT of my Steam Controller to activate the gyroscope for aiming (does a DS4 have a gyro? If so, try setting it up to use the mouse inputs whenever you aim down sights!). Anyway, I don't find this game breaking, just STUPID inconvenient. This feature is basically broken for anyone with a controller, and it can ruin the feeling of immersion and connection if I need to reach over to my mouse just to click RMB. Yeah, we don't NEED emotes, but it'd be nice to use them with ease, like it was meant to be. I'd use them more often if I could.
  5. Bump, so hopefully the devs see it when they come back from break.
  6. Yeah, I'm seeing RB icon instead of the right mouse button code, but still doesn't work for me. And, still cannot make my steam controller work by setting a button to a RMB input. So the graphic is fixed, and nothing else. Problem still persists.
  7. How is everyone else on this? My Steam controller is still not doing it, but it seems they did some changes. Anyone using an Xbox or PS4 remote getting it working?
  8. Thanks for confirming that it isn't just Steam Controllers. Hope they get this figured out. Some of us really like the comfort of gamepad over the ol' m&kb.
  9. Same here. I even mapped a button to trigger the RMB and it did nothing. It happened sometime after the new wheel was added. Not immediately, but very soon after. I figured this would be found by now, so didn't bother to comment, but, it still hasn't been fixed.
  10. Archwing weapons on ground when? How about a Taxon Prime?
  11. Anyone notice the RB controller button doesn't swap to the gestures wheel anymore? Been broken since mainline, but donno where to post this. At least this is how it is with my steam controller. I COULD rewire it, but when they eventually fix it, that would make it awkward for me.
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