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  1. So, you've broken it so hard that you need to raise minimum specifications? LOL
  2. Stop thanking them for updating and patching all these things. IT IS THEIR JOB. There are still a MULTITUDE of things they choose to ignore due to all the shiny things they release to make revenue. Who are the real Corpus profiteers?
  3. Does the public develop the game for Digital Extremes? It is solely their fault for allowing this kind of glitch to occur. Those who use the glitch to their advantage did just that, used it to their advantage. This is a TEAM based game where a team can only benefit from someone with high level gear. This glitch when exploited can by no means be "harmful". In fact, it was probably one of the most beneficial to all when used excessively. For all those people who think that users of this glitch are wrong, take a second to think about it. This was probably one of the most effective bug reports recently, due to the immediate, however harsh, staff response and patch. I myself have never used this bug, as I enjoy the teamwork that leveling low gear inspires, but those who have are not the degenerate scum everyone makes them out to be. XD
  4. Hmm, individuals found a bug and exploited it. Now they are getting suspended for it? Lets review what happened: A. An exploit is found by a gaming community. The responsibility for said exploit lies with the developers. B. They did not create the exploit/modify existing code. It can be performed by only using actions found in the game, no code injection/separate programs required. C. The exploit is not harmful by any means. D. Individuals are punished and held responsible for utilizing some faulty programming that, in reality, the development team should be accountable for. That would be like someone giving you a [Zenith] but they get mad when you use the disc all the time and report you for it.
  5. This! I am experiencing the same thing.
  6. Tested 5 minutes ago. I see this issue has yet to be fixed...
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