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  1. I don't know if it was already covered, but in my opinion, kuva and tenet variants giving you extra mod capacity per forma actually is a good thing. It means you don't need that many forma for your builds. So unless you want to install lens on your kuva/tenet variants, or want to squeeze that little MR rank out of them, there really is no point in going for 5 forma for them. Kuva/tenet weapon pool dilution. That is a fair point. But I believe DE will find a way out of this. Obviously it was not considered a problem when Lich was first introduced. The Lich system was revamped a few times already. And just like the harrow farm, it is always easier to grind relics, farm prime parts, sell them, earn plat, and buy them from other people/market. The bottom line is, the grind is only unbearable if you want that new stuff right here, right now, at max rank 40 and max power of 60% bonus. Most of the time, I don't really need that. Even if I do, DE gives me an alternative way to earn it by trading. So no, I don't feel disrespected. "Disrespect" is quite a strong word to use tbh.
  2. I echo the last statement on the ranged weapons, especially after DE fixed the gun CO gal mod (+damage per status proc). Once fully stacked, my status build k. Seer can two shot anything in SP without using any arcane. Riven is no longer compulsory for most of the builds, although they may still have some niche uses as stat modifiers.
  3. Ammo is almost the least of the concern in the gameplay. Unless you are playing with k. Kohm with two copies of arcane tempo, otherwise the ordinary ammo drop should get you covered.
  4. Glassmaker boss fight is just another happy zephyr mini game. Don't be so serious about it. Having them once in a while does not hurt.
  5. Great. I assume temporal blast was also fixed? It was very annoying when my liches somehow gained DR when I blast them slow.
  6. Com'on, Nyx and Banshee were the among the least used warframes in the entire game, and people have been complaining a rework or update to their kits before SoP. Now they finally have a very niche use out of ordinary game, and people are upset? Yeah, Wukong and Loki and Ivara can cheese spy mission. They defeat the entire concept of spy!! So unfair to Harrow and Chroma!! Do something DE!! Change!!
  7. I don't think it is possible to find the greatest common factor in warframe that are challenging to all playstyles and builds. Like many people said here, Sister is hard for some people while being a piece of cake for others. At least, Sister and Lich are "proper" challenge. They are tough. They require you to consider your builds. They are bullet sponge but not "too" spongy. Their damage reduction is annoying, but not annoying enough to make people rage quit and has a solution for it. Some frames and builds can cheese them. But if you consider the fun factor, with appropriate builds, second tier stuff can also fight them with an enjoyable process. Granted, they are not the best, but they are proper, hence the title. DE can do better than this. Let's see if future updates will cover them.
  8. Unfortunately, with 30+ warframes and their abilities and operator and stuff, it is practically impossible to have unbreakable challenges.
  9. We are so get used to being the most powerful being in warframe that we either can finish a mission in 3 mins or do a survival for 18 hours or nuke the whole map with a click. We can even cheese SP after melee 3.0. Now that DE introduced one mini-boss with DR and some abilities and shield gating and suddenly the builds that you used to obliterate everything do not work. Suddenly you cannot do the "offense is the best defense" tactics and kill stuff before they kill you. Suddenly survivability, CC, armor strip and all the stuff that were widely considered useless, become the most useful. I enjoy Sister fight because it forced me to be tactical, to consider my options and to balance damage output and tankiness.
  10. I don't know, but Nyx 4 and Revenant 2 never failed me.
  11. I played only two void storm missions after SoP update, and I got void keys in both. May RNG be ever in your favour, Mr. Potter.
  12. Just go solo and you can cosplay anything you want, the way you want it. I always take cover when reloading.
  13. That's how you do business. Sometimes it is good. Sometimes it is bad. But when you look at the weapon status in general, we have kuva and tenet variants. Those are like prime version of vanilla guns and they are extremely powerful. Even a rivenless build can shred 95% of the game contents. Not to mention we have galvanized mods and gun arcanes that boost the power even further, and they are universal to all guns. Your riven have +CC or +multishot? Those are already covered by the new stuff. Melee. Yes they were nerfed, but still strong. Overall I would say the market share of riven was smaller. People don't need rivens because there are better products out there. People only need them for the extreme meta builds like 5x3 tridolon or < 2 min profit taker or whatever. How many people would do that? Are the new stuff (kuva/tenet, galvanized, arcanes) sufficient for their need? And how much they are going to pay for that bit of extra efficiency?
  14. I paid 200+ plat for her Pasithea bundle. Best purchase so far. Unfortunately the syandana that comes with it does not quite fit on other frames, probably the unique texture or something. I was thinking whether I should buy the Nemesis skin as well, but getting two deluxe skins for one single frame seems overkill.
  15. I played Nyx and Revenant extensively. No, they are similar, but have subtle differences. Nyx 1 is useless so I won't comment. Her 2 strip armor and shield. Her 3 is a soft CC that do not completely control enemy fire. People will shoot at you when you get too close. Her 4 makes her invulnerable. Revenant's strength is his 2-1-3 combo. His 2 makes him invulnerable up to 12 hits. His 1 is a hard CC up to 7 enemies but will propagate organically. His 3 can one shoot thralls and life steal. His 4 is great in low level content, but quickly becomes useless after sortie 3 difficulties or above. Both frames can control enemies imperfectly. Nyx is a wide area untargeted lockdown while Revenant is a selective mind control. In high level content with many enemies around (i.e. Steel Path) I was more comfortable with Nyx because Revenant can only control 7 thralls. It was more obvious in defense or interception mission. But Revenant being able to one or two shoots enemies regardless of armor or health is a huge advantage. For survivability, remember that Revenant 2 is useless if enemies stand inside nullifier bubble. They will ignore your 2 and quickly burn through your mesmer skin charges. While Nyx 4 does not have this problem, you need an augment to make it useful. In general, I use Nyx more often for stationary defensive mission and interception. For Revenant, he is more suitable for quick and targeted mission like capture or assassination because you can go in and out before his mesmer skin expire. Both are fun to use.
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