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  1. Goit

    AFK leechers - votekick

    Ok then, bypass it for the first objective. I have to say i have pretty decent computer and have not seen that happen yet but i only have about 900 hours in game time. But i would go as far as to say that is an extreme outlier occurrence.
  2. Goit

    AFK leechers - votekick

    I also don't understand why there isn't a proximity required for the rewards for bounties - they have it on multiple other elements in game. People just stand at the doorway and sponge it all up. Pretty miffed tonight.
  3. Goit

    AFK leechers - votekick

    The issue i have is A: there isn't an appropriate topic in the report a player 'ingame' and B: they have already benefited from their behaviour because its not until you're 2 or 3 parts through the bounty you notice they're afk. Then it's like do i have to RQ the squad and start over? the burden always seems to lay on the innocent players. Sorry for my ignorance but what examples of penalties do the support team actually distribute for offenses and how often do they have to do it? Seems like a huge and unnecessary admin task for something the player base could police themselves. Yes it could be 'abused' but anything can be abused. If you need a full 3 votes to kick then i'm sure it would soon backfire on the 3 if they were just trolling people via getting reported.
  4. Just about had it recently trying to grind rep and in various forms or another and having afk leechers or ultra low level people sponge along and contribute nothing. Just had 3 bounties in a row, with 2 totally afk players and 1 rank 6 with 3 kills and trash talking in the squad chat about how people can leave if it bothers them. Yes, the bounties can still be done relatively easily even though they aren't contributing but that is totally besides the point and it is the principal that these people think they can freeload off the work of other players, without penalty and get away with it because the system for reporting them is such a pain in the arse and what even is the actual penalty for doing it?? There is no reasonable way for players to remedy this. the current method/ 'system' is convoluted and too burdensome. Screenshot and out of game ticket? Will we ever get a badly needed votekick system? Perhaps one as even as harsh as to remove all rewards from the mission to that point. With the recent afk fest of the beach event, my recent sanctuary botting experience and tonight. It's really detracting from the enjoyment of the game. I try to play with friends mostly but that isn't a solution which doesn't damage the game and the player bases experience. Please give us votekick initiative for the squad or host
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