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  1. I recently moved from a 4k monitor with 150% scaling "down" to a 1440p 144Hz monitor so this would have affected me. So thank you very much for the fix and the great detailed explanation. I always like reading the details behind these kinds of issues as it could help fix a bug I have in the future.
  2. You get points for each conduit that is captured. It took my group about 9 waves to get a ~4300. We missed a few along the way so it wasn't perfect
  3. Thanks for working on the FPS counter and frame times. I will echo other statements here in that these kind of optimizations are neccesary even if they are not the flashiest of things. A lot of people will just notice that things are more smoother but not really know why. I have also been using Afterburner and RTSS to cap my FPS. I understand that tools like RTSS have a 1 frame delay for the FPS cap. I wonder if the in game engine cap doesn't have this delay. With a Gsync monitor the preferred cap tends to be screen refresh rate - 3 for the FPS cap. This way the Gsync doesn't turn off when it meets or exceeds the refresh rate. Could we get a slider for the FPS limiter by chance to be able to set it more granularly in these situations? This is major step in the ability to not have to use an external tool manage my FPS.
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