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  1. Hello, so as title hints im soon to hit 200 day mark and with new system I do get to pick some primed mod as I understand it, from what I saw on wiki, which seems to be a bit outdated the best looking one is primed fury, but I dont want to spend another 200 days waiting because I could pick better one but I did not. My current roaster of primed mods is pretty much just flow, continuation and than umbra set which is kinda of primed but not really. So should I stick with that fury or do you think there is a better pick since now we can actualy pick.
  2. Im more worried about my aura mod, the writer of second build kinda mocks using steel charge which I kinda understand, you use it just because it gives you the most points because you are using umbra mods, when I need to use something else than his 1 I usually go for my primary which is most of the time some aoe shotgun or amprex ignis wraith etc, no need for more melee power, but change it for corrosive would mean tweak entire build as I will pretty much loose 4 points by that alone
  3. Hello after a few months I returned to my old love Nidus, first frame I bought skin for, because I got that cape syandana and now with his deluxe skin he looks like knight of death, but back when I was playing him I wasnt aware of warframe builder so I just copied some build from youtube, now I looked at builder and first build that punched me in the nose was titled an umbral build you can actualy use, which pretty much called my current build just nice gimmick. Soo I would like to know your imput, should I stay with my current build or switch, and if I should switch should I use the build I found or you have something better in mind. I do want to keep umbral mods tho. 1. this one I curently use http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Nidus/t_30_2332000220_3-8-5-4-1-5-411-7-10-479-3-10-860-2-5-866-0-5-873-6-10-874-4-10-875-5-10_866-6-4-5-860-4-479-7-874-16-875-16-873-16-411-8-3-18-f-f_0/en/1-0-51/208693/0 2. this one I found just today http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Nidus/t_30_0303023332_4-3-5-34-8-5-59-5-3-613-9-5-857-1-4-859-6-5-860-7-5-873-0-10-874-2-10-875-4-10_873-16-857-3-874-16-4-5-875-16-59-5-859-4-860-4-34-14-613-5_0/en/1-0-51/180289/0
  4. yeah I know that I really should just grind for more forma and than forma frost himself those 5 6 times to get that best possible build, but right now is that time when there is too much games together with too much stuff to do at home and school that I have only like 30min to an hour a day to play warframe soo I kinda wanna have as much fun with as little grind as possible, not very clever in game that is all about grinding and farming, but well what can I say im crazy guy. But that build you posted looks good I will use it thanks.
  5. Hello I have a bit of a challange for the wise heads on this forum, I recently made frost prime, I liked his look, abilities looked powerfull and I also wanna pair him with ignis wraith and have fire and ice combo, but the build is a bit problem for me. I would like to use my most powerfull mods because well they are the most powerfull, but I dont have time nor forma to level him like 7 times, so I would like your imput what would you recomend. Im looking for build with good balance of using my good mods with not too many formas in. Mods that I have, which i consider my best are all 3 umbra mods, primed continuity, primed flow, transient fortitude, augur secrets. I dont have adaptation, I dont have blind rage and I dont have any other corrupted mods unfortunatly tho.
  6. Ok cool thanks, im on ps4 and I do have plat I was just wondering how it is, as I had no clue what tennogen really is or how it works, now I will just go buy that syandana, nice cape goes with everything https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=888942789 I just love how it looks, and it would go very well with my deluxe skin nidus I got with 75% discount.
  7. Hey people I got into game last year, didnt really cared about skins, but now for some time I have been looking at one very nice syandana, as I have zero of them, it looks like cape and its from tennogen, so I was waiting for discount because 100p but I found out that these items are not covered by discounts. My question is, will there be any discount time for these items? will they become part of the core game or on the other hand are they there just for limited time, so I should just buy them asap?
  8. oh I do have forma, I also have most of the stuff to actualy make prime frame and letting him sit there for 4 days untill he finishes crafting is no problem for me, I dont need him right now, I just dont have the time to farm it right now, no spiral is going to happen.
  9. I know all that, thing is I really dont have the time to farm for frame that is not my main goal right now, its just you can buy frost prime for 65plat around that, which made me think to rather buy it with my plat, because as I said I really wont have the time to go farm the parts, I dont even have single relic that drops frost prime right now.
  10. Hello, my warframe playing time shrunk quite a lot, mainly because I have more stuff to do this term in school and I got some really awesome games for christmas, with other bombastic games on horizon I dont think that will change anytime soon. I wanted to ask if its worth it to buy prime warframe, namely Frost prime now that price dropped a lot since it got unvaulted even tho im not exactly swimming in plat. Its the eternal time vs money but with bit of a twist which is I just dont have the time to farm it so its more like dont get it vs buy it.
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