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  1. The random issue with frames not having their mod buffs applied to frames is getting 'better' but not completely... PREVIOUS ISSUE : Joining a squad , until death no mod values for frames or weapons were applied to damage or buffs , after death they were re-applied again for the rest of the mission. CURRENT ISSUE : Entering a Cruise Ship : no mod values for frames or weapons are applied to damage or buffs, after death OR exiting the Crewship (includes porting back to the Railjack) they are re-applied again until another Crewship is boarded by the player, then the buffs from mods are removed again.
  2. It's happening more and more often. When I join a crew, my warframe and weapons are as though there are no mods at all on them. the weapons only do the base damage they start with as un-modded (with the current armour values of mobs and ships I'm doing 19 damage per shot instead of 6k with a sniper rifle) and any buffs from mods on my warframe abilities (extra time on octavia ablities for example (normally 47 seconds - back to 19 seconds)) are not applied. Dying resets this issue and all values from mods are then re-applied.
  3. Issue with faling out of world... Got the mission ending warning and I was flying a crew ship , Jumped through the door from the flight control area to get back to the railjack Didn't quite get out in time, fell out of the world constantly... Image
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