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  1. ArXinity

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.3+

  2. ArXinity

    Update 18.6

  3. ArXinity

    Hotfix 18.5.5 +

    still no fix for shock eximi EXISTING
  4. ArXinity

    Hotfix 16.10.2

    Whoah, ember buffs? And mutalist moa nerfs? On the SAME hotfix?!? I must be dreaming, don't wake me up please
  5. ArXinity

    Hotfix 16.9.4

    you do have problems with it, the rings on the back of the helmet clip through the helmet and look ugly
  6. ArXinity

    Hotfix 16.9.2 +

    So, no more free life strike? :(
  7. Please, don't give him poisonous attacks. They are more annoying than challenging
  8. ArXinity

    The 'tenno Are Energy' Theory Is Busted

    But mass is energy (since einstein)
  9. ArXinity

    Hotfix 16.0.2

    DE, you are stomping excalibur's balls with strength Your game is unique because of abilities and you don't want them to be useful?
  10. ArXinity

    Hotfix 16.0.1

    Still no fix for excalibur's 4 being destroyed
  11. ArXinity

    Last Post Wins

    I'm high
  12. ArXinity

    Update 15.2.0

    Wow, I'm so impressed. Who thought about Excalibur, Mag and Trinity nerf must be a genious that think about every consequence of his actions